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I invite you to participate in Bible Study and meditate on God’s Word. I’m starting with ‘Book of Esther’, which is one of my favourite book. Esther is one of the most humble person described in Bible which won favour of everyone. She ultimately risked her life to save her Jewish people.
Summary of Chapter 1
King Ahasuerus gave banquet for all nobles & officials. He displayed the vast wealth of his kingdom and the splendour and glory of his majesty. He also wanted to display Queen Vashti’s beauty to the people and nobles for she was lovely to look at. But Queen Vashti refused king’s command. The king was angry & furious. The king consulted his wise men as to ‘what should be done to Queen Vashti ? ‘ according to law. Then Memucan replied that ‘Queen Vashti has done wrong, so her royal position should be given to someone better than her.
Now I got some questions :
Q.1. Why was it wrong if Queen Vashti did not display her beauty ? As a woman, may be she did not feel comfortable to show herself to others ? or was she very arrogant to accept king’s command?
Q.2. How would have Queen Esther reacted to the same command ?

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