Watch out for Christian faith-talk in business dealings and prophetic guidance

One of the most unsuccessful years of my life financially was 2006. By not returning to Australia, and instead trying to set up business deals through certain people in Dubai, I lost many hundreds of thousands of dollars I would have had otherwise. I should have kept my investment properties in Australia and worked in Australia instead of wasting lots of time in Dubai. But I didn’t know at the time. I thought I could move on to bigger and better things.

Ultimately no one is to blame for this more than me. I should have sought the Lord more, I should have listened more to my wife, but the main lesson I learned is that I should not trust Christian people who “talk faith” and ultimately deliver absolutely nothing to you except broken promises.

I thought it would be good for the benefit of others, without going into any specific details, to tell you what to watch out for. We Christians are particularly vulnerable to deception from our brothers in Christ. And they are good deceivers, because the first thing they have done in many cases is to deceive themselves.

Based on passages like Mark 11:24 and others like where God “calls things that be not as though they were” (Romans 4), some Christians will invite you to risk your time and money on things which they supposedly “have” in business. But often, they only “have” them by faith. So you end up holding the bag if you trust them, while they move on to bigger and better things.

I saw this happen AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN in Dubai (and other places) with Indian Christians some of whom definitely deserve to be locked up for fraud. They did not cheat me that badly, but nothing they promised ever came to pass. They are the kind of people who write bad cheques, do not pay their employees, break their contracts, break their promises and try to sell things that they do not own, or have not paid for.

Now recently a case has come up, and been reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, of a property developer from Hillsong church who ripped off many people in that church for a total of some millions of dollars.

The judge said concerning the case:

“Orehek felt that he was invincible and other people in the church though they were invincible,” Judge Bennett said.

“With the power of God they were able to trust each other implicitly.”

This is exactly the problem. The power of God DOES flow through some Christian fraudsters whose business ethics are highly questionable. I know it for a fact.

We so much want to believe that God is going to greatly bless us without us being prudent, diligent and intelligent about what we do.

So never trust a Christian just because he has the gifts of the Holy Spirit at work in his life. Trust God alone.

And don’t trust what really anointed prophets say concerning what you should do unless it confirms what is already in your heart. I have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential gains in this way, months of my life and tens of thousands of dollars.

We just have to seek God sufficiently to be confident in what we believe God wants us to do. If you are too busy to do that, and seek a relationship with a prophet instead, you are asking for trouble. If your spouse is a sanctified believer, better to trust their judgment than that of any prophet.

I understand many hundreds of people were apparently hurt by trusting the prophecies of the Kansas City Prophets and others like them in America. It does not surprise me. Some of these guys have since been revealed as quite immoral despite their amazing giftings. Don’t base any of your life decisions on what these people say when they go beyond THE CLEAR TEACHING OF SCRIPTURE. They may say that California will be destroyed or that the coasts will flood. You be guided by God. Business and important life decisions based on what “prophets” say almost never work out. Most prophetic revelations about “the market” also will fail you because you won’t get the right timing from them. The markets ALWAYS go up OR down, and even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day. Prophetic words generally only work if you got it from God in your heart first. It was different under the Old Covenant. But now, we have the Holy Spirit in us and we must not neglect Him. I think God wants to warn us not to be lazy. We have to get it from God ourselves same as anyone other believer.

Do not think that just because you are sacrificing your resources for God’s ministry that every Christian that comes across your path with a promise is speaking truly. Do not think that just because you say you are doing something to “help finance God’s Kingdom work” that God will bless you. God blesses wise choices. Period. You will pay for the stupid ones you make, just as I have, and many, many others like me. Just ask around.

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