waiting on the lord

a few months ago i came home to find my family gone, my wife had taken our son and moved home with her parents. I was very upset and very lost, but had grew up in church and had turned from God for over 7 years. This was a wake up call when i had ignored all the others.  She filed for divorce and wont speak to me.  I dont even know the real reason she left. We were having arguements the last few months for the dumbest things.  Somehow the devil convinced her I was going to hurt her, something i would never do. This fear has taken control of her, running her entire life.  It was my failure for not taking care of her, not yielding to the spirit and giving my family to the lord. pray with me


lord and savior forgive me for my sins, for being disobedient, for my unbelief. Wash me in the blood as i have been washed in the water.  Save my family lord, let satan not have power over your holy union. Lift this fear from her that she see the love of the lord, that she feel safe in your arms, and trust in the vow she made.  let her not be lost into the world, let this trial bring for a great union with you as the guide.  let not our son grown up without his father. thank you and praise you mighty lord, in Jesus name i pray. Amen

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