Visual aid to those who don’t understand Jesus

I have been trying to post how I try to explain Christ Jesus to those who ask. This is my visual aid: Take a Bottle of dark Cola of any kind and a Clear class of water, the water is to represent Jesus, Clear truthful Pure, light and refreshing. The bottle of Cola is You. Full of sin & darkness nothing can clearly be seen through it the truth of it is it isn’t like water at all. Well we see the things that we do wrong or even think wrong, we are fallen and we know we sin and try to hide it, but nothing really hides that we are flawed so when we come to Jesus of Nazareth and ask him to Forgive our sins, to come into our heart & live in us to make us a new creation it is like taking the lid off that Bottle of cola and putting it under running water. Before you know it; that bottle is full of nothing but Clear pure light and refreshing water. That is how we are after we are born again we are washed clean in the blood of Gods Lamb that was sacrificed for our sins whom is known to us as Christ Jesus, we are a new creation. This has helped me in the past, also once you are born again, read your bible for it is food for your soul and spirit and pray. Find a bible believing church that God tells you to go to & by all means join a bible study, they are fun and will teach you so Much. I pray that anyone who reads this will understand that I wish to see them in the state of jesus instead of in their sins. Love in christ Jesus, Annette

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