Victory over mischief.

I am a student at Mccann School of Business and Technology in Carlisle, Pa. Today as I took a break from my introduction to economics class my brand new textbook for the class was stolen and replaced with a used one or the cover damaged to give that impression. It was obviously done by one of my classmates here at Mccann, while the others present said nothing about it. The classroom had a number of persons still in the room no doubt. Any way you twist it it was a mischievious work of sin. The book of Ezekiel, chapter 11 and the book of Proverbs condemn this practice. It is a sin against God and your fellow man. But I had a choice. I could speak up about it and bring glory to the devil or I could do as another passage in the book of Proverbs suggest,- overlook it. The scripture I am refering to states that it is the glory of a man to overlook a transgression. i did just that today in school. I give Jesus all the honor and the glory for that choice. Mccann is a place of much mischief and ill intent. I am often the target of these types of small wrongdoings intended to create major chaos. But the wisdom of God helps me always to minimize the damage that could be done to my personal testimony for the glory of Jesus. Are you a student in a secular environment where Jesus is not honored and your testimony for him hated? Remember that Jesus was also hated and we as his disciples are to endure all that he endured. I am hated at my school but I thank Jesus for the privilege of being hated for his glory. Though it may be hard to do remember it is a privilege to be hated by the majority for Jesus’ glory.

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