My post was deleted? What’s the matter, are you afraid of the magician? I explained the art to you, you’re not even open to discussion? How sad.

Most of you are probably only Christian because you were born into the religion by conservative parents, and I’ll bet you never even bothered to test your religion against the fire.

Now, the funny thing about religion is that if one is completely right, then all others have to be wrong. That is why belief is so tricky.

If the grand majority of the world is NOT Christian, do you really think the devil tricked all those people and such a vast minority are the only people with “The Truth?”

That is not the way of God, and if you blame it on “the devil” then you are using a cop out.

How sad…

Christians are so unlike their Christ. To think even clairvoyance is insulted by you people. You are like the sinners of the Temple.

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