Understanding our view on Muslims

I know that many of our brother’s and sister’s in other countries suffer at the hands of Muslim’s. I pray every day for my brother’s and sister’s that are presently lost serving false gods will come into truth and life in Jesus.

My oldest daughter, 33, lives with us with our 5 year old grandaughter. Although she was raised in church, she has not given her heart to Jesus and is quite opposed to Christianity. Of course, we are praying for her and hoping that our lives in front of her will speak loudy. 

You have probably heard about all the ta do over the mosque that is intended to be build near ground zero. My daughter defends, whole heartedly this project. And gets angry when people object.

My question is are there Muslims who do not hate Christians? Or is this a constant in their faith? Should we trust muslims in the USA? Or are they trying to subtley make us comfortable with them to further try to destroy us?

Thanks in advance,


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