Unconditional love

To love and be loved, To give and receive pure love
Love that is kind and patient, Love that is not rude or jealousy
The type of love that is unconditional and only sees the best
Many people depart this world without knowing/experiencing pure love
Most often people divorce and the reason Is always
“we have fallen out of love”.
We fail to understand that Love isn’t something we fall in and out of
Love is a place we choose to enter into,Then commit to never LEAVE.
Our love is very conditional, It is based on feelings and emotions.
Till death do us part doesn’t mean physical death anymore but the death of feelings and emotions. The common phrase nowadays is “I don’t feel the same about you anymore” Where would we be if God’s love was conditional, if he forsake/abandon us every time we hurt him?
We must ask God to teach us to Love one another unconditionally, to look at each other and see what He sees. I know that some people are very difficult to love but submit them unto God and He will show you how to love them.
Don’t base your love on how you feel because feelings and emotions change-CHOOSE to LOVE.
I used to focus on the weaknesses and faults of my fiance and that made it very difficult for me to love him but God has given me this unconditional love for him, he has taught me how to love and appreciate him the way he is and it’s just amazing. If there is one thing I would change about him, I would change absolutely nothing. I choose to love him till death do us part. We will be getting married in a few months, and I can’t wait and would like to ask that you pray for us as we begin on this beautiful journey together.

Lord, Thank you for your constant love and for the truth in your word. Your love is pure and unconditional. Romans 5:8 says But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Father I pray that you teach us how to love others the way you love us. Let your love flow through us that we may be able to love one another. Help us to accept each other the way we are, overlook faults and small irritations and be forgiving and understanding of human weaknesses. In Jesus name, Amen

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