For The Furtherance of The Gospel

My proposition is that you Don K. Preston consider taking the position as Director or Head of School in Eschatology. The course delivery would be by open learning principles, as used by the Open University in the UK. The students participating would be from all walks of life, but in particular prison inmates at international […]

Testimony of Enrico “Red” Dizon

25 Inmate: Enrico “Red” Dizon September 1st 2001 Case Code: “Cochise-Beebom” Name:    Pst. Enrico “Red” Dizon Prison No:    N92-P-2606 Dorm: Criminal Case No.:     Q-90-15239 and Q-90-15240 G.R No.    106210-11 Age:    40 years. 10th June 1961 Marital Status:    Married. 3 Children from my former marriageSentence:    Reclusion Perpetua (3 Counts)-120 years Served:    11 Years. With GCTA […]

Testimony of David Clarke

I am David Clarke,  and was born in Oldham Lancashire, in 1949. I had a brother Michael who was born in 1946,  the year after the World War II ended. ( Michael’s testimony is also on this site) Sadly he died in Prison, in the Philippines of tuberculosis.  My father and mother were both in […]

Testimony of Michael John Clarke

41 Inmate: Michael John Clarke 14th August 2001 Name:    Michael John Clarke Age:    54 yrs. DOB:    27th September 1946 Previous Occupation:    Managing Director Status:    Widower Dorm:    8-A Crime:    Promoting Child prostitution “alleged” Sentence:    14-16 years Family Address:    11 Hayling Close, Fareham, Hampshire, England. PO14 3AE. Dear Reader, As you may have gathered, I am the […]

Holy God Ministries TV Program

Church Planting in Villages

Richard Dawkins says Religion is No Moral Compass

In the article at “evolutionary biologist” Richard Dawkins continues his assault on “religion” in the public square. He is asked to respond to the idea that removing religion from society would leave us without a “moral compass”. To which he says, “The very idea that we get a moral compass from religion is horrible.” Now I […]

Home Bible Studies illegal in America

It is really shocking in a way to consider that in America now the local government is trying to push its way into the lives of people who want to worship God by claiming they have to pay all this money in fines if they want to hold Bible studies in their own home. Yes, […]

Muzzling the Christian Witness

It appears that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy might become alive and well in the U.S. military with the exception that the scenario has changed a bit. Now gays are openly accepted into the armed forces, but Christians may be forced keep their mouths shut about Jesus Christ. They would be allowed to talk […]

About the Authors of Breaking the Authority of the Bastard Curse

About the Authors Carl L. Fox and his wife Sheila are a powerful team of ministers whose work continues across several continents and throughout the United States. Known for teaching God’s people how to rise up in great faith, Carl’s ministry is characterized with extraordinary miracles. Thousands have been healed under his ministry since he began […]

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