Tsunami Warnings for Australia

I have become aware of numerous warnings of an impending tsunami disaster to affect Australia, especially the East Coast.

I do not have the time to post all the details about this right now, or present the full case for this.

In summary:

Prophet Dr David Uwuor who apparently predicted the earthquakes in Chile, Haiti and the Hurricane Katrina disaster BEFORE it happened recently visited the Gold Coast of Australia and warned a small congregation that a tsunami is going to hit the East Coast of Australia. I've heard reports that it will be the size of a 3 storey building.

Just today I've seen a website http://2ww4.blogspot.com/ and a youtube video by weatherbill7. He is claiming that multiple people have had revelations and confirmations that September 3, 2010 US time, September 4, 2010 Australian time there will be a huge tsunami affecting Hawaii, Australia, Japan, the Philippines and New Zealand (as well as the West Coast of the USA).

I can't say I know if this is true or not. I just want it to be on record BEFORE the events. We will then discuss afterwards, God willing.

Personally, I have more belief in the prophecies of Dr David Uwuor. You can see his previous warnings on Youtube which were recorded BEFORE the events he predicted.

Has anyone else had any prophetic revelations that are relevant to this?


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