There is nothing greater than our God!

The Great I AM, the Great El-Shaddai. Jehova Nissi. It is high time to stop chasing after empty, meaningless things in this world, and to pursue the Lord Our God with all our strength, might and soul, and to find rest in Jesus. Only He can provide true rest to the soul, we’re only fooling ourselves by having a semi-consecrated or half hearted relationship with Jesus. He wants ALL of us, and His will is good, because in Him we find life, and life to the full. We find fullness of peace, fullness of joy, fullness of love, rest and true satisfaction. Oh people of God, the voice of the Bridegroom cries out, come, enter my rest, come to me, come to me, stop playing games in this world and consecrate your hearts to Me! It is time. Pursue Me with all your heart, for in Me there is true rest, peace and salvation.

He cries out, will we not hear?

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