The Words of Jesus

There are some really good reasons why every one of us ought to desire to become absolute EXPERTS at the WORDS OF JESUS:

Firstly, because the WORD which Jesus spoke shall one day JUDGE us eternally.

Secondly, because only the WORDS of Jesus have the potential to give us ETERNAL LIFE, if we keep them.

And thirdly, because the Great Commission tells us to go and make disciples in every nation, teaching them to observe all things which Jesus COMMANDED.

The WORDS which Jesus spoke originated not with Himself, but with the Father God – and the Father’s commandment is LIFE. Therefore I ought to want to aspire to KNOW and ACCURATELY APPLY Jesus’ commandments to EVERY ISSUE OF LIFE!

So if you are experiencing any trouble in your soul, try acting on the Words of Jesus, and watch things become right.

What better way to prepare for Judgment than by making the WORDS of Jesus our life-study. And God has promised us the Holy Spirit to remind us of everything Jesus said.

Jesus came to give us life, and life more abundantly.

You will find that experiencing JESUS through keeping His commandments is its own reward.

Bless you!

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