The Wilderness Experience

The journey of the xtian is like the journey of the Israelites from ”Egypt” ( a land of bondage – both spiritual & physical – sin, backwardness, hardship, sufferings etc) to the promise land ”Canaan” ( a land of plenty, peace & prosperity). The interval between Egypt & Canaan should have been a time when the Israelites got to know the God who rescued them, but just as we do when we face trials, unpalatable situations, challenges etc – they grumbled, mumbled & complained, & guess what! God HEARD! (Deut. 1:34), as HE certainly does today and was displeased with them as with us when we grumble, mumble or complain. This only shows our lack of faith & trust in the Lord. What He says He will do, He will do, at His appointed time not ours!

Heaven is a place of immense peace, joy & happiness & lots more but the Lord will be ”unjust” to give sure treasures to untried hands & hearts – don’t you think?

The Lord told the Israelites, ”I took you through this wilderness to test you, to humbly you, to see what was in your heart…”(Deut. 8:2). So its basically the same for us.

Let us hold on, for ”faithful is He that has called you, who will also do it” (1 Thess.5:24)


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