The War for Souls

I want to share my poem of the struggle for souls!
War For Souls
The Ancient Sage prepares the brew,
There’s a deadly potion pending.
A wicked plan, a dangerous crew,
A band for war they are sending.

Deadly though that message be,
Much worse the vein that’s spiked.
Scorpions ascend from abysmal sea,
Their music has them psyched.

Thundering forth like horses into battle,
Steel guitars as locust wings they drone.
Abaddon’s there leading them like cattle,
The Son of destruction’s on his throne.

The cry for slaughter is in their words,
An inferno awaits their plight.
Then comes One a sword he valiantly girds,
Deliverance to all that love His light.

The Lamb of God will come to our planet,
With a Sword of judgment this time.
As a thief He comes with face like granite,
To reward the wicked for their crime.

None of the guilty shall be acquitted that day,
Lest on earth they repented in tears.
No one will heed all their screams as they pray,
And no one will comfort their fears.

They cry “Mercy?” to the God they had spurned,
To the One that the atheist blames.
While one’s alive truth is only to be learned,
alas then only heat from the flames.

If ever there was a need to look for the Savior,
The time is certainly right now.
He forgives and forgets your wicked behavior,
As you repent and humbly bow.

You cry “Injustice!” And, “Why do you make us fear?”,
We are His messenger that’s the call!
The message we make it simple and it’s always so clear,
The Salvation we preach is for All!

The wise will respond when they hear the precious Word,
And with joyful hearts do cry!
Fools will reject it while laughing and calling “Absurd!”
How sad that they should fry!

And so this Gospel’s clear as light and day to see,
Come to Him I urge you now,
Respond to His command and you’ll be ever free,
Come and let us to Jesus bow.

The reward of Hope is now prepared for ever,
How delightful shall be that place,
A City built with precious jewels and a flowing river,
With sunlight beaming from His face.

Anthony Clinton
Completed 09-08-2011

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