The Truth

Today, I bring the good news. And this is the good news that Jesus is real, his Love is real. As real as you and me. As real as the people around you. And this is the living truth. I am here to give you testimony of this truth; and to be a witness and proclaim His Love.


Our ordeal as a family started in January, when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were a normal family, just like any other small shy family. Happy and content with ourselves. Our little world. We had all the regular things that any normal family would. The small fights, taking each other for granted. The holiday planning, building house, vacations, starting business, ideas, work. All those problems suddenly became so tiny compared to that day when we got the news. When mummy felt the lump. We had hope. We all told ourselves oh its nothing. Maybe just something that will go away. When we got the mammogram result, we read all the medical stuff in it. It didn’t sound good. There was a suspicion. The fear started building in us. Again we had hope. Its just a suspicion that’s all. They did a biopsy. All those days waiting for the results of the biopsy…all those days we just kept praying and telling ourselves it’s a test of faith. Just pray. Its nothing and everything will be okay. Then that day, with the doctor, he told us the test results. It was cancer. I think that day, everything shattered, like a window glass breaking into a thousand pieces. Everything came crashing down, all at once. Each of us just went into our own space of silent shock. Our old little happy world had ended. And we entered into this new world of cancer.


Then came all the questioning to God. We questioned God in our sadness, from our brokenness, we questioned Him. I asked why us? Why of all the people my poor mother, who has suffered enough with diabetes, blood pressure and strokes. Why my family have to go through this? Why my father has to be put through seeing his wife like this, in his age? Why Lord? Why? We asked God, what did we do wrong? Did we pray wrong? Did we not go to church? Is this a punishment? Did somebody curse us?


It was not just the questioning, all the doubts came along as well. Will mummy be able to survive this? How long does she have? What if she cant survive the treatment? What if after the treatment it comes back?


The anxiety. What will we do now? What will we do next? How will we do it? Where will we get the money? What is the treatment? Where do we do it? When do we do it?


Questions, and questions and more questions. With no answers. Each of us was like Job in the Bible. We didn’t do anything wrong, we have been good people, then why is God allowing this?


At the end of each day, we went to bed at night with these questions. Prayed. And next day same questions and no answers. But we still prayed to the only Father we know.


Do you know what God answered? Take the Bible right now and read Job Chapter 38: “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth……………………” My dear friends, I as a witness am telling you this, no matter how deep down in the pit you are, and no matter how dark it is and you cant see clearly, and if you don’t have answers and you don’t know what to do. Don’t be afraid and don’t give up. Your Father in heaven has never left your side and hears your cries, and feels the agony in your heart. He is the hope. All you have to do is go to Him and place all your thoughts in the palm of His hand and let Him take care of it. Trust him with it. Let him lead the way. All you have to do is trust Him, have faith and follow the path that He has chosen for you. Believe in His love. I say again Believe in His Love. And you will overcome all things. And you will find the strength to walk down that path. Because He is there, walking right next to you. It may be dark and scary, and it is difficult, but your Father is with you. The Creator is with you. Then why fear?


Things felt like dominoes falling, one bad news after another. We didn’t know if we made the right choices and the right decisions for the treatment and the next step we should take but the Lord guided us. Through his servants. We are all servants of the Lord. Sometimes the Lord uses his servants as messengers to help guide His children. We did the surgery. The first bad news, it had spread to the lymph nodes. Then the time that it took for the surgery to heal. They delay in the healing. We couldn’t start the chemo as early as we wanted to. They did a scan and they found two spots in the lungs. But the doctors were not sure if that was cancer or not. More tests had to be done.


The 6 months of chemo and radiation, going in and out of hospitals, the anxiety of waiting for the test results. Waiting and waiting…is it going to be good news or bad news?


Thank and praise the Lord for his miracle. It hadn’t spread to the lungs. They did a bone test. It had not spread in the bones. Another miracle. We started seeing the hand of the Living God in our lives. Job 42:5 “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; But now my eyes sees You”


But praise the Lord for His mercy. We are all humans. We have been weak. We don’t deserve even coming before His holy presence to ask Him anything. Because we have sinned. We cannot stand on His holy ground. How can we even think of uttering any prayers to the Holy Father. God is pure. And we are sinners. But it was God’s Love for us, His mercy. He helped us through the chemo. He guided us. He gave us strength to face everything. Even though we didn’t deserve it, because God loves us, He came down, and lifted us out from the pit. Where there was darkness, He gave us light.


It was the most difficult time in our family relationship. To cope with the sickness, to cope with each other. And all through the ordeal, the devil used his ways to bring us further down, but we have overcome. Through each and every step of the pain and suffering that we went through, just like Jesus taught us in the Garden of Gethsemane and in His suffering on the cross, we believed. We prayed Father, if it is possible take this cup of suffering, but not what we will, your will be done. We prayed and we went through it with Jesus. He carried us. It’s because he suffered and died for us, we knew what we had to do. We found strength. His strength. We found His Love. The devil came in many forms. There was pain, weakness, humiliation, tiredness, abandonment. But Jesus overcame and won the victory for us. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the Life.

Friends…dear friends…I am a witness…we, my family have experienced Jesus Love and are telling you this…Jesus IS the way, Jesus IS the Truth and Jesus IS the Life.


I am not afraid anymore because I have Jesus.


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