The Third Jesus

I thought this book review to be interesting in light of the recent posts by our young friend espertina.

“The Third Jesus: Who was Jesus? One of the most influential spiritual thinkers of our time, the author of Life After Death and The Book of Secrets provides an answer that is as challenging as it is uplifting. Deepak Chopra searches for the Christ who stands at the heart of Christianity…and discovers that the identity of Jesus is threefold: First, there is Jesus the man, who lived over 2,000 years ago and whose sermons form the foundation of Christian theology. Secondly, there is Jesus the Son of God, who represents a specific branch of religion. Finally, there is the Third Jesus, the radical, mystical teacher who embraced all of humanity. The Third Jesus is not rigidly sectarian. Rather, he falls into the world tradition of spirituality. (I do not think so! “be not conformed to the world, but be transformed…”) This Jesus speaks for peace and love; his morality includes all peoples; his Father is a universal deity. “As a child in India, I was well acquainted with the Third Jesus,” says Chopra. “I could love and revere him. He raises human nature to its highest ideal….” As we become familiar with the universal wisdom of Christ through the guidance of the Third Jesus, we become more open to a truly loving spirituality, free from conflicts and fueled by religious fundamentalism.”

To say that the “second Jesus” represents a “specific branch of religion,” shows a complete disregard for the right for “the Son of God” to speak boldly to His own creation and declare to it the mysteries of the ages. All this, the Son of God did, while warning of the impending judgment on this world and pleading for repentance from sin. Jesus Christ laid down His life on the cross and rose again that whoever believes on Him – for who He declares Himself to be – should not perish but have everlasting life. Without Jesus, we are doomed to destruction. Jesus did not represent, “a specific branch of religion.” He came to show us true religion and undefiled. He did not come to show us “a” way. He came to tell us that He is “THE Way” and that no one can come to the One True God, apart from Himself. In doing this, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to declare all other religions void, rather than valid.

As “a child in India”, Chopra was “well acquainted” with thousands of deities. Jesus Christ did not come to say that worshipping false gods was ‘alright’. He came to show us the Father.

As ideal as all this may sound, the third Jesus is not the God of the Bible. He is an invention of men who seek to subject the deity of God and His right to rule in righteousness to their own interpretation of righteousness and justice. There is a hell and God our loving Father will throw people into it if they cannot orwill not learn to walk in love. A loving God does not allow sin to inhabit eternity – for sin brings pain, sorrow and death. Why would God want the pain and sorrows of today to be perpetuated throughout eternity? THAT would truly be hell!

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