The Sorcerer’s Daughter who found the True God

I am Paul Thangam and my native is a small village near Marthandam in Kanyakumari District in the extreme southern part of India. I am a person who instigated others to pelt stones on the missionary sisters thinking Christ and Christians are mean persons. I had no peace and wandering in search of peace. The impartial God redeemed me through a vision. When I was redeemed the Holy Spirit spoke to me that, “I will make you a witness to thousands of people”. The ministers of God who prayed for me also prophesied the same words to me. I longed and prayed to God that, I should pronounce to the whole world about his vision to me as said in Acts 1:8 that, “Jesus Christ is the only true God”. Then I was induced by the Holy Spirit to write about my experience and I wrote it. I was very happy about it. I often read and glorified the Lord. Finally I published it as a book. Many read it and suggested me if it is published in a website it would be useful to many others. Glory be to God.
I was born in a Hindu family and was brought up by Hindu parents in Kavumoolai, a remote village at Marthandam in Kanyakumari District, in the southernmost tip of India. My father was a sorcerer and was the poojari of our local Hindu temple. Our village was named “Kavumoolai” because offerings and sacrifices will be offered to gods in various places in the fields and those places will be left without any vegetation.
I used to write in the note books those magic written on palm leaves for those who came to learn sorcery from my father. Since I wrote it many times for many people, I myself knew some simple sorcery by-heart. My father had a cane with him always like how the sorcerers in the days of Pharaoh had in their hands. He used to lay it on the demon possessed and chant the mantra. Immediately, the demon will leave the body crying “it’s burning, It’s burning I am going. Leave me alone”. He also used the cane for various other purposes.
We, as a family served the Hindu gods by cleaning the temple and lighting the lamp. Whenever anybody in our village was afflicted by diseases, my father would go to that person’s house and make covenant with the demons that offerings would be laid before them if the person is cured of the disease. Immediately the person would get healed. If the offering was not given within the promised time, somebody in our house will be put to some suffering or other. So my father used to give the offering. Since this happened very often, we became poorer and poorer. Despite our serving Satan we had neither comfort nor happiness.
I despised Jesus Christ and Christians because I thought Jesus Christ was the founder of a religion like Buddha. I considered Christians ungodly since they followed a founder of a religion rather than serving one among the three hundred and thirty million gods. I hated and opposed Christians and would talk ill of them. I would induce children to throw stones at the Christians passing by and watch the fun through the window of our house. If they scold the children I would come out and argue with them to disprove the godliness of Jesus Christ. I also would counsel them to follow and serve Hindu gods because even if one fails the other god would help and not to be cheated by trusting only Jesus whole heartedly. They patiently replied, “You are saying this because you do not know about Jesus Christ”.
I used to take part in all the activities of the temple and also follow all the religious fasting. In spite of adoring so many gods, I had no peace of mind and happiness. I longed to find out the true god and to worship him with veneration so that I could be both blessed on earth and could go to heaven. So before going to sleep on bed I prayed, “My loving God! Show me the true God whom I should worship”. Five months passed by this way. Then one day at about 4 o’ clock in the morning, a person appeared in the sky, and stretching his hands towards me and said “you praise Jesus of Nazareth. He is the true God whom you must worship”. As I could not understand the word ‘Nazareth’. I used to utter ‘Nazuvaran Nazuvaran’. I could understand the word ‘Nazuvaran’ and its meaning only after I got a chance to read the Holy Bible.
In the apparition, I saw his face and hands looked like embers and the remaining parts adorned with snow white clothes. From him spread rays of light like the rays of the sun. Immediately I opened my eyes and rushed out of the house to search for him and to get divine gifts from him. But I could not find him. He vanished. I felt that a heavy burden had fallen from me and I was in an ecstatic mind. From that day onwards, I ceased to worship the demons and eat the food offered before them. I felt that I was a sinner and I confessed my sins. The Lord Jesus whom I had hated before was accepted to be my own saviour. Yet, as there was no other Christian in my family and my father still used to serve Satan, I could not go for Christian worship and hence remained a secret Christian.
After about two years my younger bother became diseased and was in death bed. Doctors lost hope and gave him up. On a Friday he was taken to our family Hindu temple. There my father made a covenant before the gods that if his son was cured, the gods would be offered silk, nose screw, mortar, spear, trisul, etc. Thereupon the sprit entered into my father’s body and bewailed saying that it would return on Tuesday, the sprit left in disgust. From then on till Tuesday we had been waiting with veneration without taking fish. It was Tuesday, many people in the village were gathered there for the god to come so that they could enquire about their needs. Though we were all waiting with veneration, the god did not come. After some days my brother expired. So, my father said we should not worship these gods any more, as they cannot do anything good and that we must go to churches for worship. Henceforth the Lord opened the way for me to attend church services and to know more about Jesus Christ. Thank God!

I began to attend Christian services. The merciful Lord saved me. Another friend of mine and I used to attend Christian prayer services everyday. Everyday God would speak to us through the messages. One day the pastor spoke about the Holy Spirit quoting verses from the Bible, if anyone doesn’t have the Spirit of Christ , he is not His (Rom 8:9) and do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption (Eph 4:30). I also wanted to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Laying their hands on our head the servants of God would pray for us to be filled with the Holy Spirit. But I could not receive it for many days. So I was deeply worried and thought that I would not get the Holy Spirit, since I am the daughter of a sorcerer. So I wrote prayer requests stating that I was a sorcerer’s daughter and I wanted to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But knowing well, my longing for the Holy Spirit, the impartial God filled me with the Holy Spirit and with the gift of tongues. Glory be to God!
The Christian sister of mine and I used to attend Church services regularly and were living for the Lord. In a village where Hindus alone lived, we two alone had converted to Christianity. A person filled with and influenced by the evil spirits revealed that our family gods could not accept this and could not help our families as we two prayed to the real God day and night. So the locals and our kith and kin opposed us and placed many obstacles before us.
As per the invitation of our villagers, one day an evil spirited person from Thamaraikullam in Kanyakumari district was performing his fore telling in our village. He used to sing about the gods and my father and some elders of our village used to sing after him. In between he used to call people by name and foretell. He challenged that he would reconvert us howsoever. When we told our pastor about his challenge, he said ‘The God whom we serve is Great God. If you both pray together with one accord, you will be able to convert him and he cannot do anything to you’. Thereafter whenever he started foretelling we both started praying in our houses. Immediately he used to say, ‘Jesus is moving around in the village. So our family gods are not able to help us and they are wandering. The living God whom we worshipped saved us from being handed over to his wishes.
Thus the wishes of our villagers to reconvert us to Hinduism did not succeed. So they decided to drive us away to a place of Christian dwellings.
The mother and brother of my Christian sister beat her and brought her in front of our house and said that they were sending her out of their house. As she was beat up, she praised God amidst the screaming of the children. I was watching all these through the window and prayed God to protect me fearing that the same would happen to me also.
Everybody stopped in front of our house and two or three elders came into our house and asked my parents what they would be doing about me. The Lord helped me to get mercy in the eyes of my parents. My mother came out running and said that they would take care of my affairs and asked them to mind their own business. My father did not speak even a word. Leaving her behind with us, they all left the place cursing and murmuring. Amidst so many other struggles the Lord protected us. The Lord would never put to shame anyone who believes in Him.
I removed my jewels and took water baptism. One day when I returned home from the church, I found all my things and dresses thrown out of our house and the door locked. So I had to stay outside for one full day. Many ladies and children came and mocked at me. When no one was around, I looked up and asked God what I would do. Suddenly I was filled with the Holy Spirit and I was able to see visions that the divine hands of our beloved Jesus came down from heaven and embraced me. Dear brothers and sisters even when you are vexed and confused don’t forget that the divine hands of our Lord Jesus embrace you. Glory to the name of God!
As the Bible says, the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, the descendants of the ones who wanted to drive us out from our village have become Christians. There is also a church in our village. My family and Christian sister’s family have become Christians. My father, my brothers and many other of our village took efforts for the church to be built in our village. Except one or two families, all the others of our village have become Christians. Praise the Lord!
My father was baptized in the church in our village and became the member of that church. But he was neither interested in knowing about the Bible nor he had faith in God. If he happened to meet any of his Hindu friends, he started talking about the three hundred and thirty million gods. We kept on praying for my father holding on to the promise of God in Acts 16:31 which says, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household’. Sometimes we gave up hope when we saw how he spoke and acted. But still we kept on praying.
When my father was 83 years old, he was paralysed on one side due to stroke. He also lost his self strength and hope. He started praying loudly saying, ‘Loving God, save me from all my sins and make me your child and give me a place in Heaven’ as taught by the pastors and the servants of God who came to pray for him. Though his friends and neighbours mocked at him, he was neither worried nor bothered about them. One day he called me and asked me to pray for him so that God would give him a place in heaven. I said, ‘Daddy, I have been praying for you for the past 27 years, from the day I was saved, so God has definitely reserved a placed in heaven for you. He will give it to you and you alone’. He was very moved when I said that I had been praying for him for 27 years. Recalling how he hated and opposed me he cried and said, I did not do any thing good for you, please forgive me. He also wanted me to be with him when he passes away. As he wished God enabled me to be with him by his side and strengthen him by saying some words of faith. Finally he said, ‘I am leaving’ and he passed away.
My mother was also baptized and she lived for God and passed away. My brothers and sisters are also following Jesus Christ faithfully. Hallelujah!
My parents got me married to a forest officer who is a believer. He was a man of faithfulness and truth, an uncorrupted and straight forward officer. He is a blessing for me. God blessed us with three children, two boys and a girl.
When my second son was 10 years old, he was suffering from blood cancer and he was admitted in the hospital. After two months, he did not sleep well for three continuous days. On the third day, he was lying down calmly at about 10 o’ clock in the morning I thought that he was sleeping and I washed my clothes, bathed and had my lunch.
It was 2 o’ clock in the afternoon and he did not wake up. Some how I wanted to wake him up and give him atleast some water. But he did not wake up. I was doubtful and I checked if he was breathing. I couldn’t make it out because the whole body was swollen up. So I thought that my son was dead and I was very much worried.
We admitted him in a hospital at Vattalakundu because his father was working in Kodaikanal. I was all alone in the hospital because his father went to his office and we had no relatives and friends there. I didn’t know what to do and so I embraced him and looked up to God. I prayed asking God to bring my son back to life like how he rose up some people mentioned in the Bible from the dead. I was praying from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Since it was afternoon there were no nurses around.
At about 5 o’ clock in the evening he slowly woke up and asked for water. Since there was no water, I gave him the butter milk which I brought for lunch. He said that he visited the heaven and he would explain everything little by little as he regains his strength.
He told as follows:
He was bound by a man. As he was in the bondage, he cried out, ‘Jesus save me’. Immediately a man came and told him to make him free and he vanished. When he was made free four dark giants came and persecuted him by punishing and pulling him saying, ‘Don’t keep calling Jesus! Jesus! Deny Jesus!’ He said, ‘Whatever you do, I will not deny my Jesus’. When he finished saying this, the one who asked him to be made free came there and he held my son’s right hand with his left hand. With his right hand he stroked his head and shoulders gently. When he looked at his hands and his feet he was able to see holes in it. He identified him as Jesus and asked him to bless him. He said, ‘I will bless you’. Since he knew that he was dead, he thought that Jesus may put him to hell. Knowing his thoughts, Jesus said, ‘I will take you to a better place and bless you’. Jesus held his hands they proceeded upwards and they came a cross a valley where people persecuted each other. Pointing to them he said, ‘Look at the suffering of these people who lived according to their own will and did not walk in my path’. He left him in an elevated place and he vanished.
Two angels appeared as he was looking up towards the sky and he heard them saying, ‘Amen’ after saying a few words. He guessed that they were praying since they said “Amen”.
He saw a light coming towards him and the two angels held him by his hands and said, ‘come Jesus calls you’. As they were proceeding forward, they passed by a long hall in which a lot of people in white garments praising God. When he asked who they were, he was told that they were the saints who suffer for God’s sake. Near the long hall was a small room. Pointing to that room, the angels said that was the room where God came to walk with the saints. He wanted to see the throne of Jesus. But he was replied that since he did not receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he would not be able to go there. He felt very sad because he could not go to that high place. After this, a man came to the room and gave him a red coloured juice in a measuring cup and something like a piece of liver and he asked him to eat and drink. He said it was so tasty. He wanted to be there since he was very happy there. But Jesus told him that he should go back and asked him to follow four commandments given below
1. Be my beloved
2. Be a witness for me
3. Serve me
4. Do family prayer regularly
After saying these, he was made to sit in a vehicle which looked like an open jeep and it descendent down. When they reached a particular place, the angel who accompanied him took a sword and he slashed somebody. As he was doing so, he got up from his sleep.
When I enquired to a pastor why the angel should slash as they came down, he said since he was being sent to the earth he would have to fight with the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
I learnt two things from this
1. If I live according to my own will and not according to God’s will, I will also end up in the valley, though I was saved and was baptized by the Holy Spirit. Prov 14:13 There is a way that seems right to a man. But its end is the way of death.
2. If I did not receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit I would not be able to go to the high place in heaven.
Later he lived for six months and he gave us some advice. He said ‘I will not live for a long time. If I live I will serve the Lord’. We did not take it seriously since we did not know that he was telling it as a prophesy. One day I was praying with him for the Holy Spirit, he said that he was experiencing some thing like an electric flow in his body and he started speaking in unknown tongues. Thus he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Then after six months, the disease relapsed and he passed away.
As I was crying thinking about him the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, He is with me, do not cry for his sake. Cry for yourself and the other children of yours.
One day at about 11 o’clock, I went to his tomb and cried saying, my son who has to bury me is in the tomb now. That was the time when no one was around, I heard a voice, ‘Praise God that you were able to bring up a godly son’. I looked around and found no one. There were no Christians at that time who could use the word ‘Praise God’. So I was consoled that it was God’s voice.
Also many children of God have seen visions of my son being in Heaven. Thus God consoled me.
The God has graced me, the daughter of a sorcerer to know about the glorious God who came to the world as a human being to save humanity. My God is all sufficient in my disease and in my trials and tribulations. It is an undenying fact that Jesus the saviour does not belong to a particular place, state, or nation alone but He is the real God to be adored by the whole humanity. If you have not known this living God yet you may open your heart to Him and ask Him to enter there. Surely then, He will enter into your heart deliver you from all your sin, curse, disease and tribulations and give you the peace and happiness which ever the whole world cannot give you. You will find the true God if you seek Him with full heart and mind.
Mrs. Paul Thangam Kadaksham
I John 1:9
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Pslam 4: 3
Know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly.
Pslam 135: 5
I know that the Lord is great and our Lord is above all gods.

Exodus 15:11
Who is like you, O Lord, among the gods?
Exodus 18:11
Now I know that the Lord is greater than all the gods.
Daniel 3: 29
There is no other God who can deliver like this.
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