The Simple Truth

I hear and read from people young and old comments about current events and surprised when you say something relating them to the Bible. The strange look on their faces,as if they had no idea what you mean. When the Word of God has been preached and teached all these years,its easy to take for granted they know what you are talking about. The shame is on the christian,we are so busy trying to be Bible scolars,simple minded hard working people can’t understand a word said. There used to be most everyone had read some of the Bible,even those who hardly ever went to church. I’m finding out the simple things of the Bible are strange to many people and the simple message of salvation is being lost in the midst. Saints need to go back to basics or many will be lost that could have been saved.
One other thing is the saints that take for granted that their friends and relatives know the way,but ,may not know at all. The saints are here to show the simply way to Christ or the saints themselves may also be in danger of judgement. We seem to be so careful not to offend them with the gospel,we keep silent,and by doing this risk their soul and our own.The fields are white for the harvest,but the workers are few.

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