The Price of Sin

For every action there is a reaction, we are even taught this in grade school. This is a true saying in all things. When people choose the party life it,more often than not they find themselves up to their neck in trouble, all at the same time trying to convince everyone how much fun they have. It seems strange that the fun and care free lifestyle that people say they have,are the same ones,are killing themselves or someone else or in jail. Sin is not free,there is always a price,sin will take you farther than you want to go and harder to come back ,or not back at all. I have seen people who have so much ability and talent waste their life away all in the name of a good time.but when the money is gone,or your health fails where are the friends now.I am thankful to God he kept me from such. It seems to me the misfits of this world got the best part of the deal.They chose to depend on God and the ones who are so confident in themselves think they don’t need a savior,High minded people complain over saints of God always pushing for morals and living a sinless life,wanting to teach our kids the 10 commadments and prayer in schools and such.Oh that will get a buzz. Those same people would like to put the church folks in a box and take them out when they need something but seal them up again when they don’t. The day will come when they will say I wish they were back,the world have become so wicked since they left.The christian people are the restaining force that keeps the antichrist from revealing himself but when they are gone, People then will see the price of sin was a higher price than they wanted to pay.

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