The Prayer Line

The prayer line seems like a thing of the past,I remember when preachers would preach healing and afterward call for the prayer line.People would line up for their healing and God would deliver.My wife was having much trouble with blood pressure, it would soar and cause headaches so bad it would make her sick. She got in the prayer line at an old Church of God and the preacher laid hands on her head and she has never had bloodpressure problems since,thats been over 25 years ago. A friend of mine went to a tent revivial many years ago,he testified that a woman in a bright yellow dress,had a goard on her neck the size of a baseball,and the evangelist laid his hand on her head and the goard rolled down her dress and she was completely healed. I know another man who by accident cut of his ear and it fell to the ground,he picked it up and put it in place and prayed,he never went to the doctor and he use to pull on it and say it’s still here and it works. The prayer of a rightous man availeth much. Our church would have its members each pledge to fast 1 meal a day for a month,each would have a different meal time until there was a month of fasting around the clock and God blessed the church and great things were done there. These things are rare now and because of it,so are the mighty works becoming more scarce also. when fighting against the powers of satan, these things should be in use more than ever before. Signs of the times I guess.

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