The Obama Deception

Obama Deception Video – Watch Here!!

This video exposes the lies and the real plans of the Obama Administration. Including plans to:

Bankrupt the U.S.A., introduce Youth Brigades and a massive domestic spyforce , a ban on guns to stop people resisting tyranny, a police state and martial law with Internment Camps!

Warning – Not for the faint of heart!

Give it a chance to load – almost two hours long!

Don’t believe in people just because they say they are Christians, especially if they are politicians. Understand that it is the love of money which is at the root of the evil in this world, and the issuers of money are being used by Satan to destroy. Look past the political figureheads that are given for the public to vote for, to the real agenda setters and ask if there is not something fundamentally evil going on.

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