The Music of Angels

About a three weeks ago I had undergone some very intense prayer, begging God for forgiveness of my sins and that I be baptised through the Holy Spirit so that I would be able to stay strong in the face of temptation, and not fall into my previous ways. Nothing of note happened, untill about a week ago; I woke up on Saterday morning feeling empty. All desire to do anything had left me, and I could not even muster up enough concentration to read without feeling dizzy. After hours of feeling overbearingly emotional ,depressed and “out of it”, all of a sudden I experienced an undescribable feeling; it brings to mind a refreshing jump in the lake on a hot day, a cool breeze, the taste of peppermint, etc. At first it felt as though a drop of light (its hard to describe) had dropped on the crown of my head, and then spread all the way down to my toes. As this happened I heard a choir of angels singing a descending “ahhh” and it was absolutly the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my life. Within a minute the “light” had faded and my head was left ringing (like a large hall after a loud noise) with the voices of the choir for hours. I felt better than I ever have for the rest of the day, and after that experience I can’t seem to read enough about Christianity. I know that most people’s experience with the Holy Spirit is much different than this (speaking in tongues etc.), but has anyone else felt something similar? I am very curious to know what this experience means and what God was trying to do. Feedback would be much appreciated 🙂

Peace be with you, Tyler

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