The Logic of Tolerance

We all have things we tolerate, and things we do not tolerate.

Everybody. Even those who claim to tolerate everything, do not tolerate everything. In a post, for example, I told our visitor that his/her posts may not be published past this point. The 'threat' I posed in 'not tolerating' further posts, was simply that this site would not be publishing the author further.

To me, that is not even a "Threat." If I were on a board that did not like what I had to say, I would simply pull myself off way before the point this person has gone, out of simple courtesy and respect for those of an opposing view. I would not be rubbing anything in anyone's face, because I truly believe they have a right to be wrong and I am not their savior. I would view a comment such as i received with a 'sorry to have bothered you.' I would respect the fact that I came to their place, not they to mine.

The level of tolerance shown by myself in this, is that I have the power to delete ALL the author's posts, and I have allowed a great number of them to date, and have not 'threatened' to pull any past posts, nor to delete the user and forbid future access.

What was the response of 'the tolerant one'?

It began with, "In fact, there was a very interesting case recently past about the freedom of people to say what they wish -…" and goes on to discuss legal action. So, the level of my threat is 'no posting on a single message board out of millions' — the response to it? a reference to legal action, and the implied right to seek it in cases such as this.

My threat… I will unpublish on a private website.

Tolerant One… the inimidation by implication of, "You know courts get involved in this stuff…"

I threaten to unpublish posts …

I get threatened with the thought of being taken to court and my family suffering loss of income from my time spent in court, legal fees that I have no money to pay for, fines, imprisonment, or whatever the natural outcome of this man's desire for me would be… which would be the loss of property and means to meet basic needs of wife and children.

This is the nature of "tolerance" in society today.

A person does not allow a verbal assault on values by asking that certain things not be spoken to them or their family, and the preachers of 'tolerance' take legal action and seek the silencing of the 'intolerant' by loss of income, ability to feed family, imprisonment, and public ridicule, etc.

Those who preach tolerance, are more likely to go places and to extemes to silence you than you would EVER dream of going to silence them.

You say, 'not in my space,'

They say, 'not ever, to anyone.'

You say, 'not in my home, school, or church'

They say, 'see you in court'

It is ironic that the preachers of tolerance often are the ones who cry out against hypocrisy, and then become the greatest hypocrites of all. But when one has no moral God to answer to, "Might makes Right" in the end….

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