the house of God

tonight I went to the church I was spiritally born in.I haven;t been there in a very long time.When I entered in I noticed a Christmas play was planned,so I decided to stay. As I began to look around I saw strings of lights laying on the alters ,a 12 inch christmas tree on the end of the alter,and pine tree limbs decorating behind the bible stand. needless to say ,I was so angry, I found my Lord in that old alter and now its a Christmas ornament. well then as the play began, the actors or members,whom 90 persent of them I never knew,are gathering at the front to sing and have the play of the babe in the manger,the ladies were wearing pants and sleeveless robes,the pastor was in plade shirt and clothes as if he just came from the farm and the piano player was wearing a crown. I have no problem with ladies wearing pants in their daily life ,but I have one with it in church(as members) and even more so on or in the alter. The alter is a Holy place,and God demands respect in his house. how can one pray and seek salvation or a HolyGhost out pouring with lights all over the place ? People can have a shouting happy meeting without God ever showing up, the sick thing about that is so called christians don;t even know the difference. I looked over to my left and saw people playing with their phone, I wanted to take it from them and throw it in the yard. I will never return there again and if God burned it with fire I would not fault him for it, God’s house is a Holy place, its the closest to his heart and a place dedicated to God, have we got to the place people are so stupid to think they can treat him or his house any way they wish and still exspect blessings and miracles,or deliverence. I guess they do but HELL is going to be HOT for those!! In this church,and many churches,for the lack of concern for the lost. I saw the dead raised and sickness cured and felt fire from heaven fall on people because they hungred for God,and now I see a mockery. God will not wink at disrespect in his church or in his people, he will say depart from me I never knew you.

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