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The New Testament uses the word GIFT and GIFTS in relation to the Holy Spirit. The “Gift” of the spirit refers to a specific, experience in the Holy Spirit, where as the “Gifts” refers to the divine abilities given by the Spirit of God!

Facts about the  Gift of the  Holy Spirit
1.    It is for those who have REPENTED. “Repent. . .and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” Acts 2:38.
2.    It is followed by WATER BAPTISM. “Be Baptised. . .and you will receive” Acts 2:38.
3.    It is for those who ask. “Holy spirit to those who ask him” Lk.
4.    It is the promise of the father. “My father has promised” Lk.
5.    It is the power from on high. (You have been clothed with. . .” Lk. 24:49.
6.    It is the promise for our CHILDREN  Acts 2:39.
7.    It is for those whom God CALLS. “For all whom. . .God will call”  Acts 2:39.
8.    It is the prophecy for the LAST DAYS. “In the last days, God. . . will pour out” Acts2:17.
9.    It is usually followed by TONGUES. “The Holy Spirit came. .
. and they spoke in tongues” Acts 19:6.
10.  We can believe and not receive it. “Receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?”  Acts19:2, 3.

The Purpose of the  Gift
1. TO  RECEIVE POWER. “You shall receive power when the
Holy Spirit has come. . .” Acts1:8.
2. TO BE WITNESSES. “When the Holy Spirit has come. . .you shall be My witnesses” Acts1:8.
3. TO PROPHESY. “I will pour out my Spirit. . .will prophesy” Acts 2:17.
4. FOR THE  STREAMS OF  LIVING WATER. “Streams of living water flow from within him” Jn. 7:38, 39.
5. For Praising God. “Holy Spirit. . .poured. . .praising God” Acts10:45, 46.
6. TO DO THE MINISTRY. “. . .the Holy Spirit descended. . .he began his ministry. . .” Lk. 3:22,23.
a. The Lord Jesus  Lk. 3:22.
b. One hundred and twenty devotees Acts 1:15; 2:1-4. c. Apostle Paul  Acts 9:17,18.
d. Believers of Samaria  Acts 8:14-17.
e. The household of Cornelius  Acts 10:4446. f. Believers at Galatia Gal.3:3-5.
g. Disciples at Ephesus  Acts 19:26.

Phrases Used  for the  Gift of the  Spirit
1. Baptism with the Holy Spirit. Mk. 1:8
2. Anointing with the Holy Spirit. Acts 10:38
3. Filling of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:4
4. Father’s promise. Lk. 24:49
4. Power from on high. Lk. 24:49

On Receiving the  Gift
1. Repent and be Baptised. . . Acts 2:38.
2. If anyone is Thirsty. . . Jn. 7:37.
3. Whoever Believes in Jesus. . . Jn. 7:38.

It was on 10/10/1821 Charles Finney was powerfully converted in the morning and in the evening of the same day received the gift of the Holy Spirit; which he afterwards called as “the Baptism of the Spirit.” Finney was endued with power from on high. Almost every person Finney talked to that day was seized with conviction for sin. God began to use him mightily to bring Revivals. There is no substitute for the gift of the Holy Spirit that influenced Finney’s life and ministry! How about us?

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