How I desire in my heart to hear him speak to me directly as he did to Moses and the ones before him. To hear God’s voice would be a permant scare in my heart. I know that I would become a better person and more persistant in prayer. I will never give up praying to recieve that wonderful gift. I want desperately for Jesus to pick me out of the crowd and make me help my people. I would love for the Lord to use me like he used Moses. And I know it was not easy for Moses, but the Lord was with him every step of the way. To die and know that you have lived your life on earth struggling for Jesus and obeying him, is such an honor. I want to pass and enter the heavens, knowing that my life on earth was nothing but dedication to the Lord. I want to struggle for the Lord. I want to need the Lord everyday. I WANT TO BE ANNOINTED ENOURMOUSLY. It must be awesome to hear the Lord’s voice…. I wonder how it sounds. I definiatly know that I will be scared and happy at the same time. I know i would never be the same person. I just know it. I belive in my heart that my time will come. I know one day he will directly talk to me. I know this beacuse I will dedicate my life to him.

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