The Farmer

God said to me it is not for man to watch over his word, man’s requirement is to plant the seed and water it.
What man (farmer) plants a seed in the ground and can say to that seed come forth now or come forth on a particular day. But the famer or planter keeps watering the seed in good hope and faith that the seed/seeds will break forth from the ground. Can he even say what seedling will come forth first and what one second and what one third?
Does all seed come forth out of the ground the same time, does all trees bloom at the same time, does all fruit grow at the same rate and does all fruit reaping at the same time.
So way does man expect such when it comes to man?
This is for the spiritual things and the physical things.
As a christian you are to planet seed/seeds (word of faith) and keep water them (words of encouragement) and leave the rest up to God. If the farmer can’t determine such with the seed he planets how can man determine such with each other.
Is not man greater than seed, my question is has any man planted a man on this earth.

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