The Day I Fell In Love With God and Jesus Christ

I was a teenager at this time,I remember my great great grandmother who was 96 years old, when she passed.She use to live that life of being saved in front of my brothers and I.She also taught us “The Lord’s Prayer” that we had to say every night before we went to bed and always talked to us about The Lord.I always believed that God and Jesus Christ existed,but I didn’t know that to be closer to Him,I had to develop a relationship with Him daily.I learned that lesson in my late 20’s through my trials and tribulations.God had protected me on numerous occasions throughout my life known and unknown.He still loved me inspite of what others thought about me and even when I was still living in sin,because His Love is so unconditional.I have so many testimonies of Who God and Jesus Christ Is To Me,Who I Discovered I Am Through Him,and The Greatness Of God Surpresses All Human Understanding Until You Get To Know Him For Yourself.My Life Has Nevered Been The Same Since The Day I Fell In Love With God and Jesus Christ.Everything I Do Is To Glorify Him First and His Name Sake,Because Very Simply He Is The Only Reason Why I Am Who I Am Today…One Of His Messengers With A Purpose and A Destiny In Helping Others Better Themselves.

Alicia Thomas 

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