The COMET ELENIN DECEPTION – Facts, Falsehood & Lessons to Learn

By Chris Fullager. Used by permission.


It sounded pretty good. A juicy cocktail of end time signs & feast dates, an astronomical calamity of Hollywood proportions, hidden planets, 3 days of darkness on Earth and even Obama running to a Colorado bunker to hide out in the middle of the key dates. Something must be up? All the You Tuber video makers plotted the course keeping us alarmed, the watchmen cried out, odd photos circulated, the endless Facebook posts & video shares by many people over the past 6 months all counted down to its climax this week. Never has a block of dirty ice attracted the attention of so many!!


Amazing story , but in the end big FALSE claims!


Time is up. I feel I gotta call this one out.


This note is not to condemn or agitate anyone, there is grace, we have all had our fair share of missing it. But I feel these hyped up false predictions now need to be discussed.




The facts are it was a just 3 mile wide comet, with no gravitational pull to affect anything (hense a tail which is gases escaping), would only come 25 million miles at its closest point to Earth (90 times further than the moon, similar distance to Venus). Comets have come and gone before without doing anything, it was always going to be a nonevent.


Comet Elenin was a sign in the heavens, aligning between the sun & the Earth during Rosh Hasshana, the feast of Israel expressing the Rapture. This was shared by many as a reminder of this truth, and its where it should have stopped.




The following were the major False claims I have repeatably observed from many people:  

  • The Comet has already caused many earthquakes and was going to cause destructive mayhem during its sun/earth alignment 26-29 Sept – FALSE
  • It was also going to cause an eclipse of 3 days of darkness over the Earth between 26-29 Sept – FALSE
  • Hidden behind the Comet was a rogue Planet (Planet X/Nibiru/Brown Dwarf Star) that was really 3 times as big a Jupiter and would cause gravitational mayhem & disasters all over the Earth – FALSE

There were other things said but this will suffice for now to show what a load of bollocks & deception surrounded this event. We must realise that if we preach and share falsehood we can bring reproach on the name of Christ & cause confusion & distraction to many. It can also lead us to give false witness to disasters that do happen – eg saying its caused by a comet, rather than as direct judgments for sin, or for touching Israel which call out for repentance (Jer 10,10).





Jesus warned us that in the end times there would be deception. I understand people have bought into this at different levels, some not at all, some in part saying `humm maybe, we soon see`, and others went the whole way. Here are some reason I feel we can get deceived:

  1. We can be deceived by a seemingly strong line up of eventsespecially when we really want something to happen. In this case using scriptures of signs in the Heavens that we do expect to see: in the sun, moon and stars as signs of Christ's coming; the Israel feast dates; Palestine at the UN issue at the same time; the testimony of the Nasa dude on You Tube and all the other you tube videos; and there was the Nibiru theory (which is actually New Age wako stuff by the way, the lady who started this said she it got her Nibiru messages from Aliens???). The line up was big.
  2. We can be deceived even by the fear of deception. Many refused to believe the official NASA report on the comet because of general Govt deception. But in this case even amateur Astronomers who can view it mostly agreed it was just a small comet which was even breaking up as it passed the Sun.
  3. We can be deceived when lots of people are jumping on the bandwagon. Many watchmen & online bible teachers repeated the claims, as did many who read or watch their teachings. And who makes those crazy you tube videos anyway, ones with names such as`The Destroyer Cometh – Behind Elenin', Im sure many werent even Christian people who made them. Lets be cautious of the buzz of sensationalism & hype, and keep a sound mind.
  4. We can be deceived if anything gets before a close relationship with the Lord, such as busyness in ministry, seeking to be first to break a story on FB, seeking signs etc, we will at times be deceived by those things. If we have not regularly come to Him, as He requested, to learn of Him, there will then be a subtle form of pride in our own heart that can cause us to be lead astray.



  • "My sheep hear my voice and a stranger they will not follow" (John 10)
  • "Come to Me … Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart" (Matt 11, 28-30)
  • “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God …The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God” (Roms 8, 14-15)
  • "If you ask anything in My name, I will do it." (John 14)
  • "when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come." (John 16)

We are called to hear his voice for ourselves.

If we seek Him, we will know the truth every time and not fall prey to speculation, sensationalism and presumption. He leads us most often by the inward witness in our spirit. As we seek God, His peace will get stronger and stronger witnessing to a message as true, or our spirit will get more and more disturbed on a false message. This requires humble consistent prayer or we will likely just hear our own spirit not God’s. If we dont take the time to seek Him, we will likely miss it.



Before long the next false distraction will arise, so lets ensure to hear from God.

And dont get side-tracked from the main mission – preach the gospel. Time is short !!


Now Im interesting to hear what others have to say about this issue ….


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