The Book

After 7 days of fasting with no food just any liquid I could get my hands on with the prayer of a revelation I have a vivid dream. In the dream I was standing across the street. I could feel the soft gentle breeze that was blowing. It was just extremely peaceful. As I stood there I noticed across the street there was a brick church and in front of the church was a tree and somebody was sitting down against the tree reading a book. This person had long beautiful hair and was dressed in a white robe and the material looked as if it was woven out of pearls if it were possible. The person seemed to be at perfect peace and I wondered to myself “What is this person reading?” the next thing I know the book is placed in front of me and the book was in my hands. I attempted to read the book but noticed I couldn’t really see the words so I started to strain my eyes. As soon as I did that the words seem to just jump out the book at me as if I was using a magnifying glass to read the words but I noticed the words weren’t in English. Next then I hear is a soft voice speaking to me but in another language as if they were reading the book to me. I got the feeling that this was Word of God. After listening I got a little frustrated because I couldn’t understand the words that I was readying nor could I understand the words that was being spoken to me and out of frustration I said “What does it all mean” and the voice became silent, and then spoke in a very gentle and peaceful voice. “Love” and then the dream ended.  I’m young in Christ so any insight or comment that is helpful I appreciate it. God Bless.  

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