The Athlete

Whiles watching the Olympics eight years ago God answered me a question which I will never forget up to this day here is what God answered me.

God said to me let’s consider the athletes but of all these, let’s consider the hurdler, the long jumper, the high jumper and the pole vaulter.
The first three will achieve there jumps with their own power achieving heights and distance that they can attain with their own muscle capacity or with their own strength.
Now consider the pole vaulter this Jumper is not dependent on their ability alone, they have to use the pole to reach the height that surely can’t be obtain with their own capacity.
They put their faith in the pole to take them to the height they want to reach; their responsible is to run course plant the pole and trust the pole.
As it should be with Christian concern me God, my disciples should run the course do their part then place all that effort in me and let me God do the rest.
God said to me we as Christians want to be the hurdlers, long jumpers and the high jumpers so we can be comfortable in our actions and even boast in what we achieve.
God said to me it is time for me to become a pole vaulter and stop being comfortable in my strength. It is time to start putting my trust in him so as to increase my faith in him.
I share this in hope that this would help Christians as it has being helping me through the years as a believer in Jesus

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