“THANKFUL REVOLUTION” New Beginnings Launch by Miriam “EssenceofMyrrh2010” June 13, 2010

I have to laugh right now and thank you Lord for all things! As I was about to hit the submit button and after taking hours and hours of compiling the first blog my cursor clicked on a different website by accident and voila all that time and effort was erased! Now, you know that is funny! Lord, I give you all my cares and thank you for strengthening me for the REMIX of the First Blog that you are graciously allowing me the opportunity to create and develop. With that in mind (smile). I will be redoing the entire Blog again. But first I am going to eat some Fiber One Cereal and take a break! HaHa….and I will be back to proclaim your message Lord; because you have given me this to do and it will be completed regardless of what is trying to prevent your word of Truth to be established here on earth in and through me as it is in heaven. So, my dear loved ones and prayer warriors….pray for me and I will be right back to begin the process of sharing the “Thankful Revolution”. Love you always! Shalom

Miriam aka Essence of Myrrh Proverbs 3:5-7


Let me Celebrate my Son Birthday Today Tuesday June 15, 2010 as he turns 21!  Amen you are an awesome young man and rejoice in the Lord today!!!


Greetings all in the Body of Christ who are co laborers working to
establish God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven by pursuing His
word in all diligence and allowing our resident Holy Spirit guide us
into all wisdom, understanding and knowledge. I like to announce my new
initiative the “Thankful Revolution” which is what God has laid on my
heart to proclaim to all mankind that we must continue to strive in any
situation that we find ourselves to refocus and reclaim our right of
JOY, PEACE, LOVE and PROSPERITY!  We do this by having the attitude of
Thanksgiving unto the Lord in ALL situations!  God commands our
faithfulness and obedience in this area of our faith through the

First Thessalonians 5:18



happens, give thanks, because it is God’s will in Christ Jesus that you
do this.

King James Bible

every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus
concerning you.



OKAY here is the thing…I am new at Blogging and I am just going for it…I do want to be honorable to the Lord and what He says do even in my feeebleness….


Well, Thank you for coming to this site and lending your prayers, encouragements and support and allegiance to the Lord’s Army.  Hey Jim…thank you for the email of encouragement and wisdom…matter of fact let me open up a new email right now….hahaha brb  I am back It is 4:30 p.m. Friday June 25, 2010…I like to document because God says to do that.  Well I have a Myrrhism…you might ask what is a Myrrhism…What I find that to be is God’s witty insights given to me as His prophetic scribe to share.  I find it to be an encouragement and memorable experience to help us Renew our Thinking to be More like Him and Less like “EVERYTHING ELSE” 🙂


So, here’s the one I just got from Him:


“Thankful Revolution”

I thank you Lord for your hand of protection and for your ability to
motivate and create.  God you are awesome and your WORD prevails even
when all else fails you don’t.  Matter of fact I feel a Myrrhism coming
on….PreVail versus Fail…so in order to PreVent something that could
be what we think as a obstacle that leads to one who Fails.  We must
substitute PREV and Remove the F in our “ail”….okay now let’s see what
God is saying…We must have a P.R.E.V. Positive Reality Evoking
Victory that removes F = Fear and allows us to cover our “ail” A =
I = Inspirations
L= Life and Life’s accomplishments

Okay that is my Myrrhism for today hahaha


Have you ever had a day or moment or for that matter a weak where you were saying to yourself…what in the H— is going on?!?


Well I did and this happened towards the end of May this year of 2010.  I have been out of work since August 2009.  Almost a year and loss my only mode of transportation a Chevy Equinox (by the way those of you who want to be a blessing I am raising my hand hahaha because I am learning now that I need HELP from the Body of Believers and I really need a vehicle GIVEN to me because I really have no income as of yet to purchase one or go into debt…I am just putting it out there so if you are so moved by the Father to bless a servant of the Lord please contact essenceofmyrrh2010@live.com or email me here like Jim did…did I say thank you Jim for your encouragement to keep on blogging??? Well thank you and bless you and your family!!!! ~ (I am Thanking you in advance the ones who God directs and authorizes to help me and seed into my life and the life of those I can reach through just doing what God says to do!) Okay enough of that ….but seriously it’s a need and hey you never know who can provide that need….

Now, towards the end of May 2010 I was having a moment…in my body the stress level was so great that I felt literally my heart about to explode, my head was in a dire state of MEGA MIGRAINE, I had no appetite and those who know me KNOW I enjoy FOOD almost too much lolol so this was really like a death for me…I was in a very bad way. What I was experiencing internally had finally caught up to my body and I couldn not go on without an intervention.  I had not been sleeping for more than a 48-72 hour period and I was really just physically wanting to give up.  Now, my mind didn’t contemplate suicide my body was ending…like it was shutting down on me and I was so fatigued so exhausted I had nothing in me even to grasp to God’s word that says Don’t get weary in well doing for in due season you WILL reap if you faint not.  WELL I was FAINTING fast and I realized that I needed help.  I am usually the one who at the drop of a dime pray for you if you say you need it I will do so…I would and do continue to pray for folks online, on phone whereever and whenever I thank the resident Holy Spirit within me to guide me this way; BUT for some reason I had no pray in me for ME.  HA HA can you believe it!  Encourage yourself…I was depleted!  I was on E=EMPTY!!! And it was not because I hadn’t read or layed before the Word with the Father and been in constant fellowship with the Lord because that’s ALL I do.  Especially since there is no distraction of a job right now for me; therefore I was under serious attack.  And I knew it! 

As if the enemy didn’t realize 2 years ago when he tried to kill me literally by sending an unknown attacker into my sanctuary and violate me repeatedly then choke all the breathe out of my body October 24, 2008…he thought okay that didn’t work she survived…hmmm let me see what I can do now.  BIG MISTAKE!!!!!


REALLY come on….when you have stripped a person of all they have and they still don’t budge from their TRUST of the Lord; wouldn’t you get the message to just give up your failed attempts and efforts??? Most sane folks would but of course we are describing our adversary the devil whose only goal in life is to steal, kill and destroy.  He doesn’t know any better than that same tired loop and played out movie.  So, again here I was one year later where the enemy was doing all possible to suggest me to know press on and not believe.  Trying to disturb my rest, my peace and my natural bodily functions.  Of course the BLOOD of Jesus covers me and I am here today to say THANK YOU LORD!


The Week ending May 22, 2010

Okay the dates May 16-22, 2010 was my HELL WEEK!  Finally at that Sunday morning I needed Help desperately.  I had texted a few sisters in the Lord and was unable to reach my spiritual mom and really there was no one.  I had reached out to my son who was dragging his feet (typical hahaha for a child sometimes to drag their feet when their parent beckons…but eventually he came around).  I guess he looked at me and took me seriously when I was on my bed looking a hot mess hahahahahaha.  I in a weak voice with as much effort teary eyed said please please son join with me in prayer.  Actually, I needed him to pray for me – at least I knew I had instilled in him that same anointing for prayer and faith to know God to be the deliverer.  Thank you Lord for that!!!! So, he finally came around and prayed for me.  And instantly I was hungry again hahahaha Told you I love to eat (pray for me because I am on a mission to live and be healthier as I am called to live that way!). But in our prayer he had heated me up a cup of soup that we had gotten from our neighborhood store.  Just a tiny cup of soup I think it was peas,carrots and noodles and broth and chicken flavor….and while he was praying and I had that hot freshly microwaved cup of soup in my hands with my head bowed down looking at that soup steaming up into my nostrils i said under my breath but really loudly THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS CUP OF SOUP!  And my son just cracked up in the middle of his prayer…that’s how we do (smile).  He was laughing at me thanking God for a cup of soup like it was a Seven course meal because that is the fervency that I gave God praise for that little tiny cup of soup!  I was so happy to have had that soup in my hands and the desire to want to eat again and the strength to pick up a plastic spoon to eat it.  You all don’t know but I was down and out for the count and this light of hope steaming into my nose meant that a corner had been turned for me!  I was out of the grip of death out of the trap conveninetly laid by the enemy to get me so worried so bogged down with stress so disstraught over lack and internalize that mental dwelling which became my physical body’s wreakage; that when that prayer from my comical and handsome and FAITHFUL son came out and he obediently followed my request HIS PARENT there was a blessing issued from the heavens and the Angels delivered the blow that Ceased and Dessist the enemy’s plot to take me out once again! 


Somehow there was a stirring in me too early that morning I was motivated to share to all to whosoever would listen and read that in ALL things give Thanks.  It doesn’t matter what circumstance you find yourself in God reminded me that Girl you have been here and done this before and what did I do then…hmmmm He reminded me that He delivered me then and He delivers me Now and forevermore.  He reminded me that I, Miriam have not seen the righteous forsaken (meaning for me and my son) He has never ever forsaken me nor have my seed (my son and the seed of ministry in me and him that we have sown the entirety of our lives nor the seed spoken over us from HIM and HIS word) begging for bread.  Like the widow here I was reminded that if I just trust the Prophet and give Him all that she had she wouldn’t have to lay down and die after her last meal. Matter of fact she was blessed so abundantly that she never ever had a lack but was able to be a blessing for all in her community.  My God’s word was good enough for that widow so I just accept and expect it applies to me too and all of my household!  That is just how I believe!…be right back on phone hearing a praise report from another sister in the Lord!


I am rejoicing in the Lord for a Victory Testimony!!!! http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs014.ash2/34038_104782316238657_104779566238932_31310_5147089_s.jpg

Real People, Real Relationships


My sister Jolie has just been blessed with a 20 million dollar project her and her husband go into old properties and renovate them….here is her site on Face Book Jolie Curry & Alissa Vann founded this site.

Check it out and support this initiative …be
blessed to be a blessing for someone else’s dream because it will expand
your dream and initiate the resources you need for what you desire in
your hands!!!!!

Jolie Alderson-Curry

Dont you love it when
the pieces fall in place effortlessly! My bestie put a BIG smile on my
face this morning with some GREAT news for both of us! Today has
started out WONDERFULLY! 


Today has beena day
full of God’s blessings raining down on me. There has been so much
that has happened that there isnt enough space in this window for me to
tell you. to sum it all up, God blessing me has opened the doors for
several others to be blessed as well. I feel like I am on fire right
now! As soon as I ge t a chance, I will email you and tell you all
the details. Today has been a WONDERFUL day!



Saturday June 26, 2010 7:17 a.m. EST Serving Another with JOY is the “Thankful Revolution” charge for us today! 

We have an awesome Maker who leads by example and shows us the best way to have a wonderfully blessed life is serve others selfessly with Joy and see what unfolds.

God sent His Son Jesus (John 3:16) to do just that and the result was Eternal Redemption and Salvation for ALL who desires to accept this free gift that was a direct result of Volunteered Loving Service!


Why not follow after this same principle and we use our gifts, talents, life to bless another or see that another’s life is enhanced by the Active aid we can give through Volunteer Service with Joy.


It’s so wonderful to see how Habitat for Humanity blesses those who may have been homeless and if you have ever worked in one of their projects you too can gain much personal Joy from knowing YOU MADE A Difference in Building another’s Dream into A complete manifested reality.


So, see how you can fill in the gaps of needs in another’s life today:  wash a neighbors car, cut their grass, pick up groceries for an elderly person.  Tutor a child who is struggling in a subject.  Help a single mom or dad out by blessing them with some free time and take the children to a sporting event, park, beach, movie, or just outside to play catch or fishing. 


There are so many creative ways we can choose to use our gifts and talents. 
God has instilled in each of us the capabilities to be a blessing for all mankind and thus have that reward come back on us.


This is the Sow+Seeed=Reap Principle.  Heres the Myrrhism for today:


Miriam S

“Thankful Revoultion”6/26/2010Serving with Joy Saturday!Do
nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility
others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only
your own interests, but also to the interests of others. – Philippians
2:3-4 “Each one should
use whatever gift he has received to serve
others, faithfully
administering God’s grace in its various forms.”
1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)
(Selflessly EncourageEstablishEnunciateano thersDream)+
(SharingOurWealth- TimeTalentsResources)=
(Receipt Earthly&EternalAwardsPersonall y)!
Be the Friend you desire to have-That
Why not be the blessing you like to have bestowed upon you and volunteer to help Somebody.  God provides all of our needs so we don’t e taken care of have to worry about how our stuff going to be worked out even if we currently find ourselves unemployed or in transition or even healing from a broken relationship!
If we Actively focus our energies off of our own self and onto another we will experience a bliss in service that God intended us to abide and abound into for our lives.
Let us be that Somebody for another body because we have the Somebody who is always taking care of our Bodies and life (smile).
Realize ALL things are working out for our good….this is a principle that WORKS!  Test it out and see if you don’t get blessed abundantly more than you can ask or think.  Soon you’ll be waking up with lists of what can I do to help Somebody today because you have
realized the reward and JOY in Servanthood!
Love you always! 😀  Miriam aka Essence of Myrrh Proverbs 3:5-7
Summary of Today “Thankful Revolution” initiative:

“Thankful Revoultion”6/26/2010Serving with Joy
Saturday!Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in
consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should
look not only
to your own interests, but also to the interests of
others. – Philippians 2:3-4 “Each one should
use whatever gift he
has received to serve others, faithfully
God’s grace in its various forms.”
Peter 4:10
 stablishEnunciateanothersDream)+(Sharing OurWealth-TimeTalentsResources)=(Receipt Earthly&EternalAwardsPersonally)!Be the
Friend you desire to have-That Somebody!

YouTube link by Mary Mary “Somebody”
Everybody has bad days
When they feel like no one cares
your friends in the middle of the night
And they just can’t be there
know someone who’s available
And He’ll answer every time you call
won’t ever leave you alone
That’s just the kind of friend you should

Anybody know somebody
Someone who will love
Even if they’re just a nobody
I know somebody, somebody


me offer you a suggestion
And I’ll leave without no doubt
A love
that reaches far and wide
That’s where my faith lies
Let me tell
you why
Cause every time I’m sad and lonely
He comes and puts His
arms around me
Cause God’s love is the first
And it is the last so
if you ask

[CHORUS (2x)]

Oh I got a friend who loves me
You ask how much I’ll never know
And since I’ve found this love
want to share it with everyone, oh

[CHORUS (2x)]

Oh do
you know?
Oh do you know? Oh!


So, let me know how your Joy in Service Works out for you…share your story and leave a comment so we can all receive a blessing from the love that is spread one to another!  Amen indeed!
Love you always 😀
Miriam aka Essence of Myrrh Proverbs 3:5-7






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