Thank God for the Good things the Churches are Doing in this Flood Crisis

Its actually great to see how this recent flood crisis in Queensland is bringing out so many volunteers from churches to help those who have suffered great material loss.

Some people from the small church I have attended have talked about how they have been involved in helping people through this crisis in some ways.

I have also been helped in my understanding by the message preached by the pastor of the local church I attend. He said that the greatest thing that could come out of this is that people will have a renewed desire to PRAY.

Big piles of destroyed possessions lie waiting on once flooded sidewalks waiting to be taken away on trucks. Mud is everywhere in homes and a lot of gyprock/plasterboard has to be taken away.

It is creating an opportunity for the love of God to be shown to people who otherwise would feel very self-assured and uninterested in help.

For those who are serving they are sowing seeds of mercy which will benefit themselves also in their life down the track.

I believe this is revitalising the churches in Brisbane. That is my hope.

In any case, the events have been a wake up call for many.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I have hope that this disaster will have a positive effect overall because of the people that will be transformed through the experience.

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