Testimony of Tom Tracy – seeing Jesus

My name is Tom. My wife Sue and I go out to dinner a lot, she is usually to tired to cook from her hard job as an aid in an old age facility. When we came home from dinner one night, it was getting dark  when we let the dogs out,  and I always look up at the sky as we all should. That night there was a big egg shape white circle in the sky,it was not real high up. And “I said Sue look at the circle”,and she said yeah we  thought nothing of it.

We let the dogs back inside. The next night, we came home from dinner and guess what? The egg shape circle was there again! same spot! We both agreed thats weird. This continued for 5 days. Next night we seen it again but there were lots of Mosquitos,and they were biting bad, so Sue went inside. I’m still looking at the circle and wondering lol, when all of a sudden I saw a figure materializing in it. It was moving forward and back! in and out of focus. I  recognized It! It was Jesus! long brown hair, white linen robe , arms at side,  slightly raised, palms up! He came forward and back in that circle 5 times, then my wife Sue came out at about  the fifth time. She said there is an image in that circle, and it is moving forward and back. I said  “yes it is”! Its Jesus! He made sure I seen it lol. He is  definitely here and looking for his Flock. This was not the first time of a encounter. I was speechless. I’ll explain!

Well 2 months before this happened, Sue and I went to bed and I always put my ear plugs in because  she snores  lol. We went to sleep, but something loud woke me up! Like wake up now!! And I did. And then I heard a very loud voice, multiple sounding, like in a microphone over a sound system, And then I heard”,Knock and I will Answer”! I looked around didnt see anyone, so to make sure I was awake,

I reached over and touched  and patted Sues leg. yep! I’m awake! Thats when I heard it again! “Knock and I will answer”! Never heard a voice like that!Total shock! I’m thinking wow, Jesus waited a minute so I would know this was really real. Same thing as the circle, showed me five times. Well, I asked him through inner spirit telepathy. And I asked,

I already believe, why show me more than once?, and that question was answered before I finished asking! “What’s your name”Jesus said?,and me being me, I was going to say, you know my name, but I didnt wanna push it!  lol! , and I said its Thomas! lol. He said yes, I wanted to make sure you got it!,and was never in doubt about what you heard, and seen!. I did hear a chuckle,Jesus does joke! He wasn’t saying i’m like Thomas the disciple, but he was gonna cover all the bases anyways and see that he is real! I am sure Jesus shakes his head a lot at me. I’m not perfect!

I’m a work in progress!,no one down here is!! But if you  believe and have faith, it will get you where you need to go. Jesus chose me to tell you  this. I feel very blessed that he did. I feel special! like his disciple
they got to see and witness. Well I got to see, and hear, and witness also, so please Wait and Look Up! And believe ! Jesus is right here and he is so real. 6 months ago I asked Jesus send me I will go “Isiah 68” And I Never got any assignments. I Was listening to A Mathew West song titled

Do Something! He asks God and God said, I did do something! I created you.
I stopped wondering and realized “this” was the assignment, I felt like a dummy lol. Thank you Mathew, it hit me like a ton of bricks !! What a production !

I Almost had this testimonial finished when I had major heart attack with 3 veins100% blocked, in the life flight helicopter ride, I said please! I have more work dont take me. I felt Jesus there,  “Jesus said you are not going to die now” “whew”
By Tom Tracy,  God Bless!!

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