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I am David Clarke,  and was born in Oldham Lancashire, in 1949. I had a brother Michael who was born in 1946,  the year after the World War II ended. ( Michael’s testimony is also on this site) Sadly he died in Prison, in the Philippines of tuberculosis.  My father and mother were both in the armed forces, Dad was in the Army and Mum in the Royal Air Force. (You may a video version of my testimony by clicking this link).

My mother was a nominal Christian, and I was baptized, as an infant, when I was 4 months,  old as a member of the Church of England and mum would take us to church, on a Sunday morning. I was appointed a God Father,  a Mr Sid Maltby, who gave me a bible with the inscription, “In all that ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy pathers” . None of which made any sense to me until many years later. We moved from Oldham to Garston,  Watford,  when I was 5 years old.

My early recollection of knowing anything about God, and who Jesus was, was when attending a Sunday school Easter Service at  the Congregational Church,  in North Watford,  with my mum. I recall the account of the crucifixion and wondered at that time why Jesus never got down from the cross to trample down all his enemies.

I only learned the reason for that many years later, once I had become a Christian.

My brother and I got into minor trouble  in our early years, and I lived without any regard to honesty as I had not problem with stealing the things I wanted and that without conscience.

We moved to Wilston a country village, in Hertfordshire, when I was 13 years old,  and mum and dad run the village shop and my brother and I attended Tring Secondary Modern School.  We were taken to school, along with other children from long Marston and Wilston  villages, on the school bus.

It was at Tring school that I heard and learned that my brother had a bad reputation. He had made a knuckle duster in the metal work class and hit  a boy in our village. He got sent to Detention Center in Oxford,  for grievous bodily harm.  It wasn’t long after that that I learned later he was sent to Detention Center again for assaulting a police office, but my mum kept these things from me.

We moved to Aylesbury, in 1963 and I learned to play the guitar and stole the things I needed as I had little money. Michael was in trouble again with the police and was sent to Rochester Borstal for stealing cars along with some of his friends. I was soon in trouble with the police for steeling  a motor bike from a garage in Aylesbury and was put on probation.

I left school at the age of 15 years old and could hardly read or write but was good at other things and could understand electrical circuits quite well. Three of my children were all diagnosed with Dyslexic and had educational statements, which suggest that was my problem too. I recall as the age of 12 able to draw and explain a full wave rectifying circuit, either used in a power supply or demodulator in a radio receiver.

My first job was working for a company in Aylesbury  called Central Buck TV, as a radio and television apprentice and I soon learned that the wife of the owner, Mr Ken Knight was  Mrs Grace Knight and she  was a Christian,  who when she learned of some of the things I got up to told me my life style was wrong and sinful. I thought she was an ogre as she condemned all the things that I found fun. I was happy with rock music, cinema, sex , drugs stealing and so on but she condemned the life style that I wanted to live.

When my brother came out of Borstal we soon got in to trouble with the police for malicious wounding, and carrying  fire arm without a license, we were Mods and live that life style.  I got sent to Dover Borstal and Michael to Maidstone prison for  two years

On release from Borstal I was far worse than I was when  than I went in,  and knew more about crime and how to get away with it than before.

I was an atheist and denied the existence of God and felt that Christian religion was an invention of man and argued that way. Mr and Mrs Knight helped me when I was release for borstal to get back into work but I continually argued the none existence of God with Mrs Knight asking how could she believe those things written in the bible.

I then worked for Radio Rentals and had quite a good job as a Colour Television Engineer but my social life involve promiscuity, adultery, drugs, selling drugs, stealing, ringing cars and riotous living and felt that life was just  to have fun and did not care how I effected other people. I had no fear of God nor did I care.

It was after a bad experience on LSD, on Friday, 16th January 1970, that I came to an end of myself and knew I needed the help of God. In all of the activity that I was involved in I would often come home, late at night, feeling empty and that life seemed to no purpose. On that night my friends and I went to see the film Easy Rider and we all took LSD and at the end of the evening I got the horrors, which is a very bad experience on LSD or any kind of drug. I walked with my friends to the Crown pub in Aylesbury,  and told my brother, who was there with his girl friend  and was on the run from Maidstone Prison as he had absconded, and he simple found it funny and pretended to wind my up like a clock work orange.

That night, in this condition, I went with my friend to the Knights home and told them of my plight. I was give a place or rest in their garden sun chalet and was left on my own.

It was then I was in real trouble as I could not get rid of the torment of mind I was in and could find no way of relief. I knew my friends could not he me, my brother had not helped me, I knew no one could help me, an then I cried out to God saying, Jesus please help me.

It was then, providentially, Mrs Knight came to the chalet  door to see if she could help and I then realized she could help me. I then felt the guilt of a certain sin and knew she knew the way to help me. I called out to her to come in and take to me asking did she know how bad I had been and I asked her to tell me the way. She then quoted the scripture saying, ”For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that who so ever believeth on Him should have everlasting life.

It was then that I heard Jesus speak to me, He said I am with you Dave, you’ve been searching for a long time, this is what our father says” and, “what you’ve been going through is nothing compared to what hell is like’.

I saw, as mental image, the words spoken by Mrs knight to be the way out of my escape , I didn’t understand the words or what they meant but saw them as an escape route, so to speak, and I felt so thankful. I said, “Thank you Jesus, Thank Jesus”. Mrs Knight did not know what was taking place. I then felt concern for my friends and asked Jesus, “What about the others”, and His reply was, All l could do was tell them.”

A full account of this event is told in my book, Converted on LSD Chapter 14.

The next day was Saturday and I did not go to work and was under the impression that  Grace Knight and her husband and my friends all realised what had happened to me. I knew my life style was wrong and knew I wanted to be different and told them what had happened to me I believed that Jesus was real and believed His word.

To cut things short, I had many stolen items and goods and my conscience would not allow me to use them, dispose of them or sell them and so I attempted to return some items at nigh.

I have a Citroen car, that I had swapped for a Colour Television with a friend, a television stolen to order. When I told my friend what had happened to me he just couldn’t understand me I was hopping he would take his car back and return the TV, but I left that to him.

It was however  later that year I have a visit from the police who had been informed that my friend had this stolen TV and when he was interviewed he explained where he had got it from and so they came to arrest me. It was then I told them, as I took this as the right thing to do, all about my other items of stolen goods.

When I appear in Aylesbury Magistrates Court on 9th February I was able to give an account of my experience and was conditionally discharged for a period of 3 year.

The new Paper Head line of  of the Bucks Herald News Paper of 11th February 1971 read:
Converted on LSD Trip and Why He Confessed to 24 crimes.

This was the beginning of my Christian life and conversion from crime to Christ as I told a congregation of people, at Luton ,in May 1972,   and the rest of my story is told in my series of books in which tell”

Who is David Clarke ? (video update)

1    I how I learned to read, through reading the bible and classical Christian literature.
2    How  learned the teaching of the bible, the doctrines of grace. In other words how God     had dealt with my sins and why Jesus had to die.
3    Why I Became a member of Bierton Strict and Particular Baptists
4    How Became a Strict Baptist Minister.
5    How I dealt with errors in the Church.
6    My fall and turn away from God and my recovery.
7    How I got news of my brothers 16 year prison sentence in the Philippines.
8    How I got news of my brothers conversion from crime to Christ.
9    Why I published our story in Converted on LSD Trip.
10    About My mission to the Philippines to bring assistance to my brother.
11    Why we published our book Trojan Warriors the contains 66 testimonies converted  criminals, in New Bilibid Prison.
12    My Consolidate my understanding of gospel truths


My Publications (video)

Converted on LSD Trip (2001)
Converted on LSD, After the trip
Borstal Boys (2013)
Biereton Strict and Particular Baptists, especially written for religious people (2013)
The Bierton Crisis ( first published 1984)
Trojan Warriors (2002)
Converted on LSD 2nd Edition (2012)

I am currently working on a punk rock opera called Borstal that tells my story of conversion from crime to Christ as a musical drama scheduled to be performed in prisons.
Borstal Boy Pun k Rock Opera

Borstal Boy Punk Rock Opera (video)

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