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Spontaneous Deliverance from Spirit of Suicide

My name is Michael, I'm 17 years old and I live in North Carolina. On the night of Monday, October 30, i had an amazing sign from God. I had just recently had a big argument with my step-dad and the only way I could think of releasing my anger was to step outside and think it off. I was behind my house and I was thinking I dont know why people are getting on my back...why are people giving me such a hard time lately...and I was cussing because i was so mad....but anyway, I was behind my house and this was at night around maybe 6:30, 7:00 and I looked up in the sky and I was thinking there must not be a God anymore because he's turning his back on me....and I started all of a sudden dwelling on committing suicide.....i dwelled on this for a good 30 seconds.....on how I could do would people react when they see me hanging off a tree......then all of a sudden I felt an urgent feeling of regurgitation.....i dropped to my knees and i felt my stomach tighten up and it got to the point where I had trouble breathing.....then i felt something...i know its unexplainable....come through my face and my face started going numb....and i could feel the demon leaving my very own body, and I dont know it it was me or the demon but i heard a strong moaning noise......whats even more weird is that i felt better and i felt happy and sane again....I was so curious to see if the demon had left a stain on the concrete...cause i was thinking you know wow, if this was a demon it would leave a stain because i've heard of demons being lifted out of people so i went in my house...turned on the flood lights...and i didn't see a sign of stain nothing.....but my dog started out of our garage and he started sniffing and scratching near the straw and concrete where it happened....and i noticed i felt extreme cold when i stood in the spot....and i could see my breath very easily in the cold air...but when i walked breath was barely visible......I know God did something extroidanary for me monday night...and he told me to testify and build my faith to tell you friends that demons are real and you can be possessed by one if you do not watch what you do, what you look at, what you can easily seep through you and dwell in you.....but i'm here to tell you you can get rid of it....that demon that God lifted from me was the demon of suicide....i believe it in my heart.....all i can say is thank God i can share this story with you and i hope that God will continue to bless his people...thank you.  

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