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Freed from Bulimia , Anorexia and Suicidal Tendencies

With men this may seem impossible with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! Matthew 19:26

For ten yrs i secretly struggled with this eating disorder and it's ugly friend, anorexia.. as a child i was taught right from wrong, about Jesus dying for my sins, as a young person i got caught up in this secret destructive behavior to escape my painful world and try to capture an image of 'if only i was thinner'... the more i lost, harder i tried to continue to obtain vain imaginations of this hope that almost killed me.

Then i tried killing myself trying to get there with extreme vomiting, bingeing and cutting my wrists to escape life when nothing else worked.

All the while, inside i asked God to heal me and finally He did but i had to go on a journey to find out who i was, in CHRIST,,..our identities are so different than the images we see on the cover of magazines.. i had to surrender to GOd all control.. forsake the weight scales, obsessive food pattern habits, counting numbers on jeans and jars.. a total devotion to HIM.

Food was not my idol or god.. but it controlled me. A faithful woman fasted for me while i was seeking recovery, something happened. The depression broke, after 18 months it was totally gone. The monster inside was released and now today, it's been 9 yrs~~~ of TOTAL HEALING... freedom God wants the same for you.. don't despair... He's here and real bigger than our imaginations can believe how deep His love for us is....

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Bless You!

MaRisa San Diego CA

There is hope!!!!! Because of Jesus! There is hope.


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Confirmed miracles Paraplegic healed!

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The people of the world can be divided into two groups. The first group are those who can clearly point to the intervention of Jesus Christ in their lives. The second are those who cannot. If you are in this latter group PLEASE don't let another hour go past before you get right with God. He loves you and has a great plan for your life! But there must be change. If you are religious but can't point to a definite work of God in your life YOU NEED to get born again in the Bible way. To find out how to get right with God, click here now.

If however, you are in the first group and you have a testimony of Christ's working in your life, God wants you to share it. Read HERE about the power of your testimony. You can overcome Satan by the Word of your testimony, and help others to find faith in Christ.

Would you like to do this? If so, start writing your testimony as soon as you can, and THEN, e-mail your testimony to me here so we can publish it for you online. Post it on the testimonies bulletin board here. In this way you are helping to fulfil the Great Commission. Some testimonies on this site are reaching 10 or even 20 people per day. Our team wishes to help people share their testimonies through the internet. Let us together bring hope to those who don't know the reality of our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ.



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