Read stories of how God heals and sets people free from occult bondage.

Our God is a living God! Millions of people around the world from all different backgrounds  find miracle healing, forgiveness and love through Jesus in our day! What the Lord did for others, he can do for you.

Deliverance from Witchcraft , Eastern Religions and New Age

Teri Lee Earl - shares how she practised white witchcraft and grew up in a very spiritual but often abusive family situation, and how the Holy Spirit was revealed to her.

Damian Spaulding - Shares his experiences with psychic phenomena, New age energy and how the growing realisation of the true power of God. This is a long testimony with many interesting details. Recommended for New Agers.

Connie - started getting messages from a spirit contacted through a ouija board. Her struggle to keep control of her life and eventual release is recorded here.

Katina - shares how she turned away from Jesus and got into witchcraft and Tarot. She had frightening experiences until one day a dream of Jesus turned her life around.

Marcia Montenegro - shares her journey through many strange new age experiences to Christ.

James Justin - shares how he met Christ after getting heavily involved with a demonic spirit guide that was promoting him as a prophet.

Neville Sheen - a life miraculously recovered

Vincent McCann - a very dramatic story of deliverance from the occult and demon bondage to a new life of freedom in Christ

From Wicca to Christ - Kimberly Shultz shares her story.

Kathleen O.'s Story - Kathleen was formerly a radical feminist , into wicca (witchcraft), Hinduism and lots of stuff. She got miserable and quite full of despair in all this. Read about what a difference Jesus Christ made. 

Bob Anderson  Formerly tormented through Eastern meditation, he now makes films for Christ! Read his story! 

Linda Adams - an encounter with the True Christ 

Deliverance from Satanism 

Rescued from the Kingdom of Hell - Isaac tells his story of an unhappy childhoold, escape in alcohol, drugs and pornography, quest for power in Satanism leading to almost total destruction of his life. Read how he came to Jesus Christ and got set free.

Freed from Satanism and Insanity - John's journey into the occult and from there into satanism finally ended in a psych ward. Read what happened.

Escape from Satanism - Cicily White - shares how she became a satanist in high school and how she turned to the Lord. Though satanists preach rebellion as the way to freedom, they apparently do not approve of those in their ranks who rebel against them!

Jeff Harshbarger - was not happy in satanism. God spoke to him after he unsuccessfully tried to kill himself, and rescued him.

Sean Sellers - shares how he became a satanist and what he did - finally how he received eternal life and also got a new attitude. Read his story here.

Candace Caldwell - Candace Caldwell shares how God drew her out of her family troubles, drug addiction, occultic witchcraft practices and satanism, and why she gave up Satan to follow Jesus. 

Jesus Get Me Out of Here - a woman who sold herself to the devil and became full of despair shares her new freedom through calling upon the name of the Lord! 

Proclaiming Liberty to the Captives in Prison - Ron Mitchell shares how the Lord led him to talk with a man deeply bound to Satan and how the Lord set him free.


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