Temple of my Lord

Day and night I burn in zeal
For your house, O God
As in drought, the barren land
Thirsts for rain to fall
So I wait for you, my Lord
When will you come, O God
In your presence I seek my dwelling
Under the shelter of your wings
I long for my soul to rest

In desolateness, I see your Temple
This is not in the way
You made it with your Blood, my Lord
It had become like a weary Bride
Torn between the rules
Made by the minds of men
Why have they entangled my soul?
In the ritual cage of this earthly norms

A Battle shall be fought
You will cleanse your Temple
And make it holy white
None can govern over your Bride
For you alone are my Lord
And I bow down to you, O God
The Battle is not mine
For the Battle belongs to the Lord
Whose sovereignty is so high

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