Fasting is One Way to Worship God

To worship God means to express yourself in such a way as to show how much you value God Himself. God wants worship from the heart. “The Father is seeking those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth” (John 4:23,24). Our worship ought to be sincere, based on the true opinion of our heart, […]

How to Worship God

There is a danger, of course, in a title like this, “How to Worship God,” that danger being pride–that I or anyone else should presume to tell others how to worship God. That danger is eliminated, however, when we let God tell us how to worship him–and he has, in his Word. To remove myself from danger, then, the following is a look at a single verse in that Word that says much about how we are to worship God.

Are You Lukewarm?

In a previous blog, I likened the kind of relationship God wants to have with each of us to that of a couple just starting their relationship. However, we so often become complacent as the relationship continues. Other things occupy our mind and time, and though we don’t care less for the other person, we do not give the relationship the time we once did. We take for granted our partner knows we care. Today’s divorce rate testifies to the grave error in this way of thinking. Even if you are at this point in your relationship and still surviving, don’t you miss that spark?

Prayer Pastoring – Chapter 2 – Grace

This is the second chapter of our eBook
on Prayer Pastoring. The first chapter dealt with step one praying
for mercy. We often have judgements against us that halt our prayers
for ourselves therefore we need God’s mercy. Without mercy our
prayers are hindered. We often mistake opposition as coming from
spiritual warfare but many times it is coming from God himself and we
are reaping what we have sown. This opposition is the judgement of
God. Chapter one explains this process.


God’s Agenda for Us – Worship

The most intense romantic feelings we have ever had could only be a dim shadow of what is possible in knowing God, the author of all beauty and goodness. Sadly, for most of us, myself included, our spiritual sight is clouded and in our best moments while on earth we only "see through a glass darkly". We only see God dimly, as it were in a bronze mirror.

Effective Prayer Keys part 2 – from Paul Quadros’ book on Personal Revival

These chapters from Paul Quadros’ book of Personal Revival – “Catch the Glorious Fire” will be a blessing to you if you put them into practice.



also praise and thanksgiving)

Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving




our relationship with God, praise and thanksgiving play a very
important role. When we praise God, we worship Him for who He is, and
praise Him for what He has done.


Dare to Have Relationship with God – by Evangelist Rambabu

If you remember nothing else about this book, please remember this chapter. Although all that you have read until now is very exciting, what makes it all happen is contained in this chapter.

Our relationship with God is the key that unlocks everything that is His best for us into our lives. It is the key to every successful ministry. We read in Psalms 84:1-12:

How lovely is your dwelling-place, O Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

Effects of Preaching the Gospel

The doctors say that perfect eyesight is 20/20 – vision.
When I read Acts 20:20 one day it brought a vision that changed my life. From that day I have followed the 20/20 vision!

Impossible to Possible – Part 1 – Dare to Win – by Rambabu

Impossible to Possible

The Lord Jesus was about to return to heaven. He knew He was leaving behind an unsaved world, nation upon nation that had not heard the gospel. Hugely different people with many different ways of thinking; a world full of problems and evil. Jesus had to hand over the responsibility of proclaiming the gospel to this world.

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