I am not writing as an expert on the matter. I am writing as one who is learning through the process. But what I am learning is precious and I smell victory is in sight as I get these heart level revelations revealed to me. First of all, I want to encourage you, if you […]

When His goodness meets your persistance

God has been speaking to me a lot in the last year from Luke 11, from the story of the persistent friend who asks for help with supplies at midnight from another friend and receives everything he needs because of his persistance. Let’s look at the story: “And He said to them, “Which of you […]

Many say “Spare the rod, spoil the child”, I say, “Spare the Child and to hell with the rod”.

Form the very bowels of agony a child comes forth and is immediately greeted by the mother with absolute Love.

Such is God’s Love for us, whether we are a sinner or a Saint. No harm should come to us by the hand of another. For God places his mark on us as he did to Cane (claiming sole rights to any vengeance and retribution for any wrong doing) and later confirmed His exclusive right to judge any sinner when Jesus Christ said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Never Give Up !!

Even though I felt used, worthless, useless, Low self-Esteem at work after they made a decision that I’m incompetent but Lord told me that I’m fruitful and Productive because I’m his child thus I’m IN Christ. So when I pray and wait for the Lord to answer me, i’m not waiting on God but rather I’m waiting IN God. Amen,.

Resting in the Lord

From The Holy Spirit and Christian Testimonies, by C. Marie, www.theholyspiritacts.com

Listening to the Voice of God

As I sat in a prayer room before the Blessed Sacrament, the Lord said to me “Being formed in the Lord Jesus Christ is greater than being formed by the promises of the world”.

The promises of the world of ambition, wealth and fame are empty and will never substitute the promises of God which are eternal. In God we will never fall short of his yardstick which is measure based on our simple faithfulness to prayer, being still before Him, the reading of His Word and abiding by the sacraments of the church.

The Miracle of the Sugar Glider

The miracle of the sugar glider happened on the 9th of September 2009 on the day my daughter Clarisse was sitting for her UPSR examination, it was the second last day of her examination.

As the days approached Clarisse (Age 12) and Celeste (Age 10) birthdays on the 9th and 10th September, it would be a tradition for us to buy their birthday gifts early and they would only be allowed to open it on their birthdays. However on this year my money from my clients had all delayed for some reason or another.

I tried frustratingly to get it out, but NOTHING WORKED!!

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