The Power of God’s Word

The Power of God’s Word Introduction |The Power of Seed | God’s Word reveals the Covenants and Promises of God | The Word of God Has Power to Give New Spiritual Life | The Word of God Produces Faith | The Word Produces Spiritual Cleansing | God’s Word Speaks to the Heart | God’s Word Brings Guidance | God’s Word provides Reassurance […]

A Personal Challenge for You

The people of the world can be divided into two groups. The first group are those who can clearly point to the intervention of Jesus Christ in their lives. The second are those who cannot. If you are in this latter group PLEASE don’t let another hour go past before you get right with God. He […]

Saved from Idol Worship and Death – Now a Pastor


Real Visions of Jesus

Let me start off telling you that I have always believed in God though I never went to church. I cant say that I really knew who Jesus was. Since january of 2012 I wanted the God apart of my life. I started going to church. The beginning of June I went to prayer. I didnt know how to pray. This was all new to me. The pastor had decided that those who needed prayer would sit in the center of the circle we had formed with our chairs. There was about 8 or 9 of us there. One first guy who needed prayer because of his arthritis was in the center of the circle.

Witnessing a miracle :1hr 45min without my baby Katie

Witnessing a miracle :1hr 45min without my baby Katie … A MESSAGE OF HOPE. With God by your side, there is ALWAYS hope..even when everything looks hopeless.
The power of prayer!

The Anointing with Oil – Marlies Zechner

5/ The Anointing of Oil

Exodus 29:6

Put the turban on him and tie on it the sacred sign of dedication engraved ‘Dedicated to the LORD’. 7/ Then take the anointing oil, pour it on his head, and anoint him.

We do not live under the Law of Moses any more, yet while praying for somebody who was under heavy demonic oppression God told me to, ‘anoint her with oil and dedicate her and consecrate her to God and declare her holy.‘ I have never forgotten the incident and I don’t remember God ever telling me to pray for somebody else like that again.

How many of you would truly die for their testimony? Here is mine and I would truly die for Mine!And

As a little Girl of 5, I was at a Birthday Party and that is when I first learned of This Loving Jesus! We were asked if we wanted to know this Jesus and my little hand flew up so fast and I could hardly wait to get home and tell my momma? When I came home, I told my momma all about Jesus and showed her the track that I was given. She hugged me and said that’s nice dear and then she took me to the Mormon Church (L.D.S.) ! She was raised Mormon and that’s what she brought us up to be. And I heard nothing more on my Loving Jesus! I was so unhappy, my family was not happy Either!

A Day & A Time That I Shall Never Forget

September 11, 1983—8:48 p.m.

The Sorcerer’s Daughter who found the True God


The Generational Prayers

“The Generational Prayers,” from The Holy Spirit and Christian Testimonies by C. Marie

The time came when “Lisa Oglen” made a request to God and asked Him for a baby. Then a few months later, “Lisa” wholeheartedly believed that she had a divine moment with the Holy Spirit. From within, she clearly understood that she was about to conceive a female, and that her baby would depend on her, as she would be absolutely responsible for her child.

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