Prayer that Breaks Strongholds

**ATTENTION: THIS IS AN AUDIO MESSAGE!!! PLEASE CLICK ON “PRAYER THAT BREAKS STRONGHOLDS” ABOVE TO ACCESS AUDIO** The devil wants to put us in a nice little box where we won’t be too much trouble for him. But God has given us the proper prayer tools to break his control and influence over whatever territory […]

Be Strong in Battle

God's perfect will for our lives is nothing short of absolute and total victory, one hundred percent of the time. He wants us to know it and believe it so that we can receive all that Jesus paid for at the cross.

Clash of Kingdoms: How Satan Is Crafting This World to Oppose God

Foreboding tremors of war are being felt with increasing frequency and intensity in this world. The war in the unseen realm is once again about to spill over into the physical world. But who is paying attention? It is reminiscent of the days before WW2, in the late 1930s, when those with perception picked up on the signs that warned them of the war that would soon reach them and the whole world, while others went about their lives largely unconcerned, only to find themselves unprepared when that war engulfed the entire planet. We should learn from this example from history.

Breaking Strongholds and Resisting Temptation

Breaking strongholds by identifying the root.

Overcoming Demonic Spirits and Spiritual Attacks

The foundation for victory over every work of the devil is having a firm understanding of our relationship with Jesus and our position in Him.

Where in God’s Word is the Authority of Every Christian over Satan and Demons?


How to Resist the Devil – A Very Practical Method

We all have days when we are depleted physically or emotionally – and these are the occasions where Satan's demons are going to try to mess with our heads.

If you are not on guard you may find yourself thinking or saying things that are not wise. You might find yourself yielding to satanic suggestions without even realising what you are doing!

Thank God that we can return to the Father and confess our sins when this happens, and receive cleansing.

However, Satan (by means of his demons) will return and try again. 

Binding and Loosing

Set Out of Sodom

When I was just three years old, the war began; the spiritual war. I woke up one morning, and I could hear my family in the other room laughing and talking. I turned to look out the window, and there was a monster- a mud monster! I jumped out of bed and ran out to the livingroom screaming ,”Mud monster! Mud Monster!” My mom, dad, older brother, and sister all started laughing at me. But this was no joke. It was real. I SAW IT!!.

Weapons of Our Warfare – Part #2

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