Prayers to Strengthen the Inner Man – by Ps Mike Bickle

I have identified ten prayers to pray daily to receive strength in my inner man using the acronym F-E-L-L-O-W-S-H-I-P. F: Fear of God The Lord promised to put the fear of God into the hearts of His people (Jer. 32:40). He will do this more as we ask the Spirit to unite our heart to […]

Use the Bible in Your Prayer Life

For believers: Here is a simple way to enhance your reading of the Bible, and turbo-charge your prayer life. When you read the Bible, read it slowly, and talk to the Lord about what you are reading. Have a conversation about it. When you read a promise, like, for example: “My God shall supply all […]

Getting Answers from God in the Courtroom of Heaven

As Christians, apprentices of Jesus Christ, we are living our life not only in the natural realm, but also very much in the spiritual realm. There is always a lot for us to learn in both these realms. But in the spiritual realm, we are called to pray – really pray. Prayer is communication with God. […]

Practical wisdom about hearing the voice of God

I am afraid the reason many times we don’t hear from God on a particular issue we are asking Him for direction is simply because we ask and then we go away or change the subject and ask about something else, we don’t stop to listen to Him for the answer. Imagine if I came […]

Wait on the Lord till He speaks

I was reading this morning: Jeremiah 42:7 “And it happened AFTER 10 DAYS that the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah’. and I heard God say to me: See, even the best of the best prophets of mine did not hear always instantly from Me. So don’t give up too quick when you inquire […]

When His goodness meets your persistance

God has been speaking to me a lot in the last year from Luke 11, from the story of the persistent friend who asks for help with supplies at midnight from another friend and receives everything he needs because of his persistance. Let’s look at the story: “And He said to them, “Which of you […]

Why we need to pray more than we are?

At the beginning of the year, I like to look at my life and consider: Is the way I am living my life now moving me in the direction I want to go? Usually a sincere evaluation unveils that some things have to change if I want to see different results.  Life has it’s own […]

God’s value system – successful or faithful?

Sometimes, as Christians, especially in the pentecostal church world, I have seen a tendency to get discouraged because we do not see the results we desire through our labors or we don’t have the opportunity or the time to make more of a difference. We can self-torment with the desire to be successful, to have […]

How to stand during times of testing and attack

When God tells us to STAND in spiritual warfare by taking the whole armour of God, we tend to stop reading there and focus on the armour. But the Scripture does not stop there, it does not say the armour is the only way to stand. Let’s have a look at it: “Stand therefore, having girded […]

The Importance of Prayer

There is a God. He created the world and set up certain rules by which the world is regulated. God keeps His own rules. He limits His involvement on earth in some respects. He has CHOSEN to limit His involvement in such a way that our PRAYERS make a difference. There are good things that […]

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