How to Start a Conversation about Jesus or the Gospel

Jesus told us to preach the gospel to all (Mark 16:15), that those who believe and are baptized will be saved (v16) and those who don’t believe will be damned/condemned. Heavy words. But in spite of the high stakes, many Christians are fearful of actually starting the conversation about the gospel – and so the […]

Can we affect God’s plan to save people?

It all started with deep heart rendering questions in my heart. Why, when God truly wants to save souls and I sincerely want to play my part in that, there are not as many finances available as we would need to fully achieve that goal? I was serving God as a senior pastor in Romania […]

Christian Teachers and Tutors Wanted

Are you a dedicated Christian looking for a way to make a lasting difference in the lives of others? One of the most important commandments of Jesus Christ is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Disciples are apprentices. Learners. In order to make apprentices for Jesus we must ourselves be His apprentices. Only a minority […]

American Missionary Sees Jesus, Loves Iranian Tormentors, Preaches to Courtroom

Why I really enjoyed the trip in “”?

Why Thirst Missions I have been enjoyed and should I share you?

Mainly thirstmissions having prayer ministries beauties & Incredible recreation opportunities also Belizean personnel top and shall help you through the entire trip, which supplies for much more culturally wealthy and efficient mission trip In order to minister via a quests partnership having a nearby church as well as a community within Belize Inexpensive. Through $79/person/day.

Beware of Covetousness

The tenth commandment says "You shall not covet", and we hardly ever hear any preaching on this commandment, but God has not revoked it. In fact we see something in the New Testament that if we believed it without reservation, it would put the fear of God into us. Paul said:

"For this you know, that no fornicator, unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God."
 (Ephesians 5:5)

How to Know Gods Call in Ministry

How To Know God’s Call For Ministry

1. Call To Live A Holy Life

First of all we are called to live a holy life.

How I Got Started in Ministry – by Michael Fackerell

From the end of 1985 until the end of 1987 I was involved in helping pioneer a ministry called Students for Christ in the state of New South Wales. This ministry continued until early 1999 when the leaders of the Assemblies of God movement in New South Wales decided they wanted to organise campus ministry differently, and be more local church based. There was a tremendous anointing on this ministry, especially in the early years. I can't say much about later on because I was not so involved.

Gold Tried in the Fire

We are the Children of the New Covenant, and yet it seems we are often oppressed by the reality of a wilderness that is quenching the passions for genuine revival. God’s servants are flaming fiery spirit. Those that stand up under severe persecution and their gold is tried in true fire. Their fire is not strange fire concocted by the new age positive self band. Such false prophets deviously make every excuse to be lavished upon by wealth and pleasures. They shoot arrows that zero in to one target, your pocket. It is a gospel for the greedy not the Gospel to the needy.

Tears of the Saints – For God’s Sake – You Must See This

Watch this fascinating video about the needs of the people of the world, and the task that yet remains for believers in spreading the gospel.

Will you give your life for Jesus and the gospel?

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