Struggling mentally? Unhappy? This can set you free…

WOULD YOU SIT FOR A CHAT WITH SOMEONE YOU KNEW WANTED TO STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY YOU? Yet we many times do that with the devil. I have a friend that has been struggling with mental torment. This is my reply to her, it might help others. I have been a couple of times in […]

What it is like to be Healed of Schizophrenia

Andrew Goodwin talks about what it was like to have schizophrenia, and how great it is to be healed through Jesus Christ.

Andrew Goodwin – Healed of Schizophrenia – Revelation TV Interview

Andrew Goodwin, who has posted on this site, was able to share his remarkable story of deliverance on Revelation TV in the UK.

A Big Picture

The sanctuary faded, the music dissipated as I let go. Lifeless and dead my body hung in nothing.
Water engulfed me in a canyon I had been wandering. As it filled, the walls suddenly were around me, encasing me. I realized I was in a coffin but not of human design.

Redeemed from the Pit of Suicide and Mental illness
I am a survivor of attempted suicide, however it is by no power of my own. This blog is not about me per se but the one who has redeemed my life from the pit of suicide and mental illness. Allow me to introduce you, his name is Jesus Christ. Now I know what you may be thinking but this blog isn’t about religion but a relationship…

Why do some individuals make attempts?

Freed from Paranoid Schizophrenia

Freed from Paranoid Schizophrenia

My name is Geoff Primanti and I am a student at Calvary Chapel Bible College. I used to be a paranoid schizophrenic, BUT GOD healed me.

Powerful testimonies from those with challenges (Poetry Contest)

I think we need to broaden the voice of the Body of Christ so that the world can be encouraged by hearing about the faith of real people with physical, emotional, and mental challenges and (dis)abilities. I have started a poetry contest ( and am seeking entries.

Borderline Personality Disorder Mimics Demonic Possession

     Borderline personality disorder is a phrase that psychologists and psychiatrists are quick to put on patients. This label can not only be incredibly damaging to the patient, but also extremely limiting. Spiritual aspects of disease and illness is rarely taken into consideration and this is a major oversight in allopathic and mental health fields of medicine. 

Looking Back

Over the last year the Lord has taken me so many things, it’s sometimes hard to remember everthing. One thing I feel I need to do now is give as many people the chance to hear what the Lord has done in my life since I committed my life to Him in 2001. I hope that my story will act as a source of hope and encouragement to people who suffer or know people who suffer with certain forms of mental illness such as depression, bi-polar and schizophrenia.

He’s ALWAYS Right on Time!

I’m living proof that God really does answer prayer, anyone who’s known me for any length of time can attest to that. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m some superficial, shiny, happy, perfect Christian, I’m not. I live by grace. I’m a far cry from perfect and don’t ever want anyone to get the idea that I’m trying to portray myself as such. I’m a real, living, crying, laughing, loving, hurting, breathing, extremely grateful, forgiven Christian.