When God Sends Disaster

When God Sends Disaster If anyone thinks that because God is love (1 Jn. 4:16) that he therefore would never send a disaster upon anyone, especially those who trust in him, then consider the Book of Job. That one book should forever dispel the misconception of a God of love never letting anything bad happen […]

Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

According to Jesus Christ, a horrible future awaits many people. Jesus said there would be “weeping and gnashing of teeth” for many. This speaks of inconsolable regret, remorse, dismay and anger. This is what so many people will be doing in eternity, when they realize what they missed out on, and what they have been […]

How Can God be Angry with Sinners and Yet Love Them?

The Cross explains it all.Only by the Cross do we understand how God’s wrath and love are harmonized.Whoa there! How can God be angry and loving at the same time? How could God be angry with the same people He loves? Wasn’t God’s wrath propitiated on the cross, and He is no longer angry with […]

Words of God, Words of Men, Bring Fiery Judgment at World’s End

This world was created by the word of God (2 Ptr. 3:5,6). It will also be destroyed by the word of God (2 Ptr. 3:7). The word that God speaks thus determines the course of this world from start to finish. But the words of men also have a part in this world’s demise, for God in his holiness must judge the words of men, thus bringing upon them and their world a final judgment.

Words: Rain from Heaven, Fire from Hell

God’s Word is quite severe when describing the power of words. It says that it is through the spoken word that God created the universe:

“By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth” (Ps 33:6 NIV).

“For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm” (Ps 33:9 NIV).

The Boomerang God


“The Lord is famous for the way he punishes the wicked in their own snares!” (Ps. 9:16 TLB).

Yes, very famous indeed. It is a hallmark of God. When you see someone receive on his own head the very evil he foisted on someone else, it is immediately recognizable as God’s retribution upon that evildoer: He gets what he dished out. That is the boomerang justice of God. Here are a couple of ways it is described in the Bible:

“As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head” (Ob. 15).

Prayer Pastoring – Chapter 2 – Grace

This is the second chapter of our eBook
on Prayer Pastoring. The first chapter dealt with step one praying
for mercy. We often have judgements against us that halt our prayers
for ourselves therefore we need God’s mercy. Without mercy our
prayers are hindered. We often mistake opposition as coming from
spiritual warfare but many times it is coming from God himself and we
are reaping what we have sown. This opposition is the judgement of
God. Chapter one explains this process.


How is God going to Judge People? Teaching on Eternal Judgment

The issue of Eternal Judgment is a very important one. It seems from reading what Christian people write on Facebook that there is a lot of confusion on this point. It isn't something I've heard many sermons on over the years, and yet the Scripture teaches that the Doctrine of Eternal Judgment is in fact a FOUNDATIONAL doctrine which babes in Christ ought to understand before moving on to more solid food teaching concerning righteousness.

The Horrors of Eternal Hell

God is indeed a God of great love and compassion but on the other end of the scales is the certainty of his severe judgement and Justice. God loves mankind and now He has restrained His judgement so that the Good news of Salvation through the grace and unearned mercy of God found in the death, burial, resurrection of Christ.

Use What you Have – by P.S. Rambabu

Chapter 3

Using what you have

So you know that the Lord has called you to serve Him. You know He has anointed you. But you want to know where to start in your ministry and how to see that anointing grow. You may wonder why not everyone who is indwelt by the same Holy Spirit see amazing things happening in their lives.

The points I am going to make in this chapter are so simple that you will wonder why you have been wasting your time up until now. The Bible says in Acts 10:38: …

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