The Gospel of Jesus Christ

by Shanta Lakra, from Mumbai city


For a long time I would have this pain in my pelvic area and bottom. It began when I was 19yrs old (2006) and it didn’t end until I found the solution to my problem. The pain in my pelvis was bearable at times and I tolerated it for a long time. However, the pain in my bottom would be so sharp, so severe that I cried and couldn’t even sit down. I really felt like I needed to go to the hospital ASAP when I felt that pain, but I couldn’t move. All I could do was lie down on my side and cry. My menstrual cycle was all out of wack. I would bleed for longer periods of time than normal.

How to Use the Blood Of Jesus Christ

We are going to address today the POWER of the Blood of Jesus Christ. 

The power of the blood of Jesus Christ is not fully understood by most Christians. Although people understand theoretically that Jesus Christ was a sacrifice of human blood for all mankind, people do not fully comprehend that this blood is actually your MOST VALUABLE spiritual tool and weapon in this world.

Spiritual Protection

     The sad fact is that most Christians are completely ignorant in the concepts of spiritual protection. The theoretical knowledge has been taught, however the practical knowledge is missing. There are many Christians who contact me for help with evil problems, not knowing how to use Jesus and his Blood to defend themselves. The Blood of Jesus Christ is a master weapon in the arsenal of spiritual protection to fight evil forces.

Seek Peace

Seek peace. 

Jesus has granted us eternal life in heaven, but does this allow us to remain peaceful in our daily lives? Hardly.

Borderline Personality Disorder Mimics Demonic Possession

     Borderline personality disorder is a phrase that psychologists and psychiatrists are quick to put on patients. This label can not only be incredibly damaging to the patient, but also extremely limiting. Spiritual aspects of disease and illness is rarely taken into consideration and this is a major oversight in allopathic and mental health fields of medicine. 

How To Remove Black Magic and Demon Possession

     Finding out how to remove black magic is no easy task. Many people are searching everywhere they can to find someone to fix their spiritual problems. Most are turning to psychics and spiritualists which just makes everything a lot more dangerous. It is a problem that effects every person in every religion and culture and is growing progressively worse and more prevalent with each passing day.

Jesus Saves From Black Magic Through Compassion

      The common knowledge that "Jesus saves" is widespread in western european countries like the U.S. and U.K.. Black magic on the other hand is commonly accepted and experienced in countries like Pakistan, India, and Africa. In contrast, when black magic is addressed in Judeo-Christian countries, it is written off as a mental disorder and is usually rejected.

Black Magic and Demonic Possession are Real

     It is difficult to believe unless you have been through it that demonic possession and black magic are very real phenomenon.


     Anyone can become possessed by demons and spirits. Black magic is one way this is accomplished. ANYONE can be affected by these problems. In fact, most people are. The idea that Christians cannot become afflicted by demonic possession is a total fallacy.But finding out how to get healed of this issues, well, this is the major problem.


Jesus Saves from Black Magic and Demonic Possession

     If I knew what this life would hold for me, I never would have come out of the womb. I was raised Jewish and even went to Jewish preschool. I attended temple almost 4 days a week learning Hebrew and Bible classes until the time I was 13. My entire childhood, and well into my adulthood, I have been chronically ill.

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