Is my fiancee right for me?

Hi. I am a Christian. My fiancee is a believer in God. I have prayed for this answer, but i am just needing some help. I have been seeing my fiancee for 9years. I love him very much. We have been engaged 4years now, with hardly any chance of getting married, he wants to move intogether 1st. I am 25 and know i have to make my dissision now for i cannot wait forever. I dont want to force marriage and for him to have regrets or worse. And to talk about marriage to him is out of the question.

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This section of is being opened to create a forum in which hopefully communication can happen with people who are not convinced about Jesus Christ; people who are looking in other directions for meaning, satisfaction and purpose in their lives.

I hope to be able to address some of the thinking that is out there. I’m sure many non-Christians will also be able to help me understand better their points of view through this section.

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Christian Testimonies – Personal Experiences with the Living Jesus Christ

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