“You’ve seen” song

As God was ministering to me today, He gave me a song to help me and others heal from past hurts. This is a song of healing and letting go for those who loved and were not treated right in the process, let LOVE heal you and continue to love because there is a book […]

What is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God?

What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? The term ‘gospel’ in the Bible really means “Good News”. There is a lot of bad news in the world. Against this blackness, the Good News of Jesus Christ shines out like a bright star in the night. 1 Corinthians 15:1-3 (ERV) translates the Greek word not as […]

Conditions of Salvation According to Jesus Christ in Matthew 18

I remember the shock of reading the whole of Matthew's gospel through in one sitting, back in 1985. It was one night in a place called New College, an Anglican college attached to the University of New South Wales, where I was in my final year of a Computer Science degree. I was just starting out in Christian discipleship, though I had been attending church weekly all my life. I remember a sense of the fear of God coming on me. When we let the Word of God as a whole speak to us it can be transforming.


I have no intention of covering every aspect of forgiveness. That would take more words than I care to put on this page. I just want to talk about a few things that have come to me lately.


A man named Alexander Pope said these words, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” What he was saying is this: When someone offends you or sins against you, to forgive that person is a divine attribute of God. It is certainly not the way of the natural man.


Prayer Pastoring – Chapter 2 – Grace

This is the second chapter of our eBook
on Prayer Pastoring. The first chapter dealt with step one praying
for mercy. We often have judgements against us that halt our prayers
for ourselves therefore we need God’s mercy. Without mercy our
prayers are hindered. We often mistake opposition as coming from
spiritual warfare but many times it is coming from God himself and we
are reaping what we have sown. This opposition is the judgement of
God. Chapter one explains this process.


The Anointing with Oil – Marlies Zechner

5/ The Anointing of Oil

Exodus 29:6

Put the turban on him and tie on it the sacred sign of dedication engraved ‘Dedicated to the LORD’. 7/ Then take the anointing oil, pour it on his head, and anoint him.

We do not live under the Law of Moses any more, yet while praying for somebody who was under heavy demonic oppression God told me to, ‘anoint her with oil and dedicate her and consecrate her to God and declare her holy.‘ I have never forgotten the incident and I don’t remember God ever telling me to pray for somebody else like that again.

Not 7 times, but 70 x7

Did you come equipt with a greivence book attatched? I was wondering how many people think that they have one. I don’t know where they put it, is it under their arm, or under the hair on their head, or maybe on the Souls of their feet. I have Never seen one on any one, yet if you look real hard, you may find that you have one in your heart. I always thought that people would look pretty odd running around with a book attatched to them with a name of everyone they have met on it and if for every offense they would put ;next to each name; a chicken scratch of a 1 per each offense.

I’m DONE!!

I’m not going to let my past hinder me from the greatness I know that for me, God has PREDESTINED ! God is stronger than any pain I have felt, any situation I’ve been through. Greater than any loss I’ve had to face. I was DUMB enough to let the devil fool me for waaaay too long! I already knew how GREAT and MIGHTY and POWERFUL GOD IS!! My weaknesses (fear, doubt, lack of trust, anger, resentment, pain, etc..) allowed that tired old clown to come in and water the seeds I already planted myself. I’ve been burned so bad by love, by my mother and its been horrible to my self esteem.

The Jesus Factor: The Pharisee’s and The Sinful Woman

The Jesus Factor: The Pharisees and The Sinful Woman

Luk 7:36 One of the Pharisees asked Jesus to eat with him. Jesus went into the Pharisee’s house and took a place at the table.
Luk 7:37 There was a sinful woman in that town. She knew that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house. So the woman brought some expensive perfume in an alabaster jar.
Luk 7:38 She stood at Jesus’ feet, crying. Then she began to wash his feet with her tears. She dried his feet with her hair. She kissed his feet many times and rubbed them with the perfume.

Justification by Faith: What does it Mean?

Definition of Justification in the Bible

Justification means being declared righteous. It is a legal term used in the Bible to describe the act of God in which He declares that a person is not guilty. A person who is justified is therefore in a state of acceptance with God. Its very important to be in a state of acceptance with God.


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